Monday, 15 July 2013

Wishlist ~ Birthday treats.

My 21st birthday is coming up in about a month (14th of August) so I thought now is definitely time to compile a wishlist of things I would love to treat myself to...if I had the money, or potentially more accurately, wasn't such a Scrooge (e.g. super tight with my money). Although really, let's be honest here, this is just another excuse for generating a wishlist of stuff I want, because who doesn't enjoy a good wishlist? This is by far the messiest wishlist I have compiled...that composition just is not pleasing to the eye (why can't people take consist product images!?) but each item on it's own is wonderful.

(or maybe in super cute pastel pink. Ah wigs.)
(just tell me this isn't the most gorgeous thing, I don't even care that it's entirely see-through.)
Etsy Velvet kimono ~ £39.99
(or this slightly more expensive version OR weep at the beauty of this unattainable piece of art.)

(been lusting for a pair of chunky goth boots for a while now...and I think at £77 I will have to continue lusting)
(red eyeliner! Red eyeliner! Who doesn't want red eyeliner?)
Cardcaptor Sakura Key Necklace ~ £21.99
(it's like a little, adorable ode to my love for that show. Or this adorable creepy cute 'Magical' necklace)
(there is currently not enough pastel to my goth, I may have mentioned before. This is perfect.)

And I still dream of these shoes (which I have already featured at least twice on this here bloggity). I've also been looking at body harnesses and thigh braces and although I may buy myself some thigh braces (like these ones) I may make my own body harness. We'll see.
So, has anyone got a birthday coming up? Do you wait until birthdays to treat yourself, or do you do it the other way round? Let me know!

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  1. That Kimono is beautiful, so is the lace maxi :)
    Jessica xx


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