Friday, 19 July 2013

Style Inspiration ~ Bloggers, part 2.

Following Part One, I'm sharing some more bloggers who's styles I love and wish to steal. Each of them are super unique and that's what I admire about then. Unfortunately I am not as cool as these awesome ladies so there is little chance of me pulling of their awesome looks but I can still draw inspiration from them and weep at my less-coolness. But enough of that, here is Part 2 of my style inspiration! Part 3, the final part, to come at some later date.

Jodie is one of those bloggers I would love to be friend with in real life. Not only is her style fearless and fierce, she has the most banging legs (which she's not afraid to admit). It genuinely took me ages just to choose a few of my favourite outfits, I literally (literally!) went through her entire blog, not because I couldn't find anything I liked but because it's genuinely enjoyable. I feel like our styles have a lot in common with each other, but she definitely steps it up. I mean, wedge sneakers, silk slip, thigh garters, a corset and an army jacket. Ah man, it's killer.

I think I'm borderline infatuated with Emilia and her style. She looks amazing in any look; lolita, gyaru, party cult. Her wigs and accessories trigger some kind of horrendous jealousy inside of me but she is a massive source of inspiration, even though I will never look as adorable as she does. Not only that but she's friends with Irodohieru, who was featured last time.

One of the people who really influenced me when I had just started blogging and finding my style. She does a very nice classy, grown up brand of grunge/goth vibe that I love, with a huge, healthy dose of '90s. She's also ridiculously pretty and that fiery hair is amazing. She's the one re-ignited my love for the slouchy beanie which I am eternally grateful for.

Born in the same year as me. You really should look at her blog to appreciate each of her outfits, since she does loads of cute, simple gifs for each of them. She also has a "Caring for Creepers" info post, which I've found really useful. She has the coolest sense of style and I love all her accessories, she definitely rocks the Lolita (the book, not the Japanese style) look.

Finally, special shoutout to Ruby Armoire for her amazing vintage clothes and retro hair styles!

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  1. Eeeppp thank you :) I often struggle to understand my blog friends aren't real life friends- I talk about you to my by all the time :)

  2. I love Jodies blog, her outfits are always great.
    I also follow leHappy, she is amazing.
    Have to check out the others.
    Now following you too :)

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