Thursday, 24 May 2012

Haul Post!

 I go through phases of spending very little and then spending a lot and in these past few weeks I have been spending a fair bit, well for me anyway, which I think for most of the population isn't very much but I'm a bit of a scrooge so the minute I spend more than £25 in a short space of time then I consider it a lot. So without further ado; my purchases!

★ Cold shoulder top from New Look, £6.99. You can't see it very well in the photo, it's the black mass on the right. I'm so happy I found this since they don't seem to sell the black colour online anymore. It's really comfy and baggy (I got in a few sizes too big). I just love how cold shoulder tops look!

★ Moon and star earrings, Maggie Angus (£12). From the most awesome kitsch jewellery shop in the Brighton lanes called Porta. They are just perfect and that is all there is to say about them. Oh and that they came in a creepy mitten pouch.

✪ Blue velvet bodycon skirt, Topshop via Ebay, £6.00 (incl. P&P). I am currently so SO obsessed with velvet. And I just couldn't resist the colour. I'm definitely feeling the gothic/witchy vibe if you hadn't notice.

★ Miss Sporty Hollywood Gothic lip gloss in Punk It Up, £1. I got this at Poundland even though Miss Sporty are still selling it for £2.99. Baarrggaaiin. I'm planning on layering it up on some black for a cool subtle effect, or on my Illamasqua Disciple (which is dark blue) to give it more dimensions or even on top of a red to darken it a bit. So many options!

★ Pack of 3 notebooks, Waterstones (£.4.50). Got these half price. I have about a million notepads but these ones are so cute I couldn't resist. I might use one as my blog ideas book once the one I currently use runs out.

★ T-shirt from Orange Circle Company (£14). This website has so many amazing designs! I love pretty all of the ones that involve stags and cosmic prints. A few weeks ago they had free P&P so I was like I NEED ONE. It took me a veerrryyy long time to decide which one to get and this is the one that won although due to the fit being a bit weird I will be giving it to the boyfriend and buying myself another. Oh well.

★ Burgundy velvet skater skirt, Ebay, £15 (incl. P&:P). A continuations of my velvet obsession. I'm not 100% happy with the fit of this one but since it came from China I am very unlikely to send it back - it might grow on me anyway.

★ And finally Company magazine! I don't normally buy magazines (though I do a subscription to Elle) but I really like Company's new look and stuff.

I forgot the photograph them but I also received my tickets for the Vintage Nation at the Brighton Racecourse. I am so excited!
That's about it really. Have you bought anything you're super pleased with recently? Show me!


  1. Love the earrings, I bought a moon and star stud set in France a few years ago and have lost them, too bad I like no where near brighton :( x

    1. Awh, that totally sucks.
      I'm sure if you trawl the internet for long enough you'll be able to find another pair similar?
      Thanks for the comment :)

  2. Porta is amazing! I try not to walk past it daily because I want everything in there so much.

    1. I know exactly that you mean. Every time I walk past it I have to go into it and then weep a bit that I can't have everything.

  3. I've done the same with Company - I stopped buying magazines for ages because I just read blogs, but somehow with their new look Company's got me hooked again and buying every month... damn their nice-feeling paper and interesting fonts! XX

    1. I know right! The paper is totally nice and I love their fonts.
      They're basically a blog on paper, how a beauty/fashion mag should be!


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