Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Nail of the Day ~ silver foil

I've recently bought a whole bunch of Barry M nail varnishes (including two of their super new ones!) and this is one of them! I'm pretty impressed with it to be honest, it applied completely opaque with just one layer although two did help it last longer. I'd say you have to apply pretty swiftly though because it starts setting very quickly. I wish it was just slightly more reflective though - like actual foil, but apart from that I really like it!
Do you have a favourite metallic nail varnish? Or tried the other two foil options from Barry M?


  1. Nice! I love gold on my toes for summer :)

  2. I bought the gold one of these, I like the colour but it always seems to flake really quickly even with undercoat and it always has little lumps in it when I put it on my fingernails, don't know why... have you found that with yours? XX


    1. No, I hadn't notice it being particularly worse than any other nail varnishes of that prices really? That kind of sucks for you though.


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