Friday, 4 May 2012

Batiste Lace (& the launch!)

If you haven't heard already Batiste has released a new fragrance for their dry shampoo. Last Wednesday I went to their launch event where I got to inspect the new product and generally get pampered.
The venue (The Mayfair House) was gorgeous and decorated with the pink and black theme of the new can. The new product was everywhere and looked really good, I love the lace design. The minute I got hold of one I gave it a good sniff and it smells like Parma Violets! Which is awesome! There were also really cute cupcakes with tiny little cans of dry shampoo on them - edible of course and pick & mix available. Just generally everything looked really amazing.
Upon arriving me and my wonderful photographer in tow (not the boyfriend for once) Bekki were greeted by the lovely Lisa from PR, given pink champagne and whisked into hairdressing chairs where the extremely friendly professionals from Brooks & Brooks offered us a choice of hairstyles - I naturally went for the retro/rockabilly option and I think it turned out great! I also found out that dry shampoo can be used to add a bit of grip to hair (kind of like hairspray but not as sticky) which is a cool idea I hadn't thought of before. After that I had my makeup done, where the brand they were using was BeautyUK.
 Before hair & makeup and after
Bekki's hair turned out lovely as well, fishtail ftw!
Whilst all this was happening many a photo was taken and once we were done with makeup one of the photographers persuaded us to go into the little photo studio. Suffice to say Bekki and I aren't naturals in front of the camera. I also got interviewed so you may see my face talking about Batiste somewhere on the internet, though I'm not sure where. After that it was across to nails where I chose this gorgeous colour, again from BeautyUK called Smokey Lilac.
Ignore my creepy hand and just appreciate that lovely, dusty pastel shade
Once that was done there was a prize draw and then the evening was pretty much over. On our way out we were handed goodie bags, including a can of the new Batiste Lace. Isn't it lovely?? The pattern is so pretty and it smells really nice too, very sweet and like I said before, like violets.
So, that's about it really. Thanks to Batiste for inviting me, I had a great time.
As for Bastite Lace I'd definitely recommend going into your nearest Boots and Superdrug and giving this baby a smell, it's the same brilliant product but with a nice, new variation.


  1. Wow. You hair, nails and makeup make you look AMAZING in these pictures. Awesome. Wish I was there!

  2. Was very nice to meet you - your hair is absolutely bangin'! Glad you had a good time xox


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