Sunday, 29 April 2012

Face of the Day ~ ombré lips

Lips ~ Sweetpea & Fay liquid lip in Ukelele and Nordic
Eyeliner ~ Yves Rocher luminelle in Noir
Foundation ~ 17 Skin Perfecting in Soft Ivory
Blusher ~ Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in Sienna

First of all, excuse my completely out of control eyebrows. They have a tendency to get a bit out of hand. They're not the main focus anyway. After having reviewed Sweetpea & Fay's liquid lipsticks I decided to do a look with them. I loved how the two colours complimented each other and ombre lips are a craze that I am massively late on so the choice was obvious; a pink to blue pastel gradient it was.
I look weird in that first photo and for that I apologise. The glazed eye look is due to the boyfriend's camera equipment. This FOTD is more of a play around as opposed to what I actually wore out. Often when I have nothing to do I'll experiment with different looks and stuff. This is also one of my first cautious forays into blusher. I think next time I try something like this I'd like to do eyes to match, maybe make them odd - one pink one blue or maybe do a gradient on both eyes.
Have you ever tried gradient lips? Even for me it's a bit outlandish in that I'm not sure I'd wear it out, but we'll see, that could change.


  1. Your hair is amazing! What is the colour you used and your bleached hair base tone? Also did you use a toner before it? Thanks for satisfying my curiosity :3

    1. :) hey, thanks!
      I used Turquoise by Directions. My base tone was a yellowy blonde, it varied really, some of it was nearly white other bits were still a bit orange but I find that's a good thing 'cause it means the end result is more interesting and multi-tonal.
      I didn't use any toner beforehand though.

      And you're welcome!

  2. The two colours work really well for gradient lips! They really match your hair too :) x

  3. Love the lips and of course the hair!! I had it pink for a while but bleaching it almost every week was a nightmare... thats why I opted for wigs now... Im really happy hehe... :) Kisses


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