Monday, 23 April 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ a shadow in spring.

{Can't help the itch to touch, to kiss, to hold him once again.
Now to close his eyes--never open them....
A shadow passed, a shadow passed, yearning, yearning

For the fool it called a home.

~ Spring Awakening, Left Behind}

Top ~ F&F
Trousers ~ Fashion Union
Shoes ~ New Look
Bracelet ~ ASOS

Just a simple outfit today, one I wore when the boyfriend and I went to yet another National Trust places (I swear, they should pay me, not the other way around), this time Leith Hill. In the end we didn't stay long because although there was sun it was sporadic and the wind was cold and there weren't as many bluebells as hoped - still a really lovely place though, lots of pretty wildlife. I'm glad we went when we did because now the weather is rubbish and it's difficult to do outfits outside.
I feel so Neo-Victorian Goth in this top (I may be guilty of also owning it in white), I love the lace and the high neck but unfortunately it's just a touch too short so I suppose I'll have to wear it with high waisted things in the future. I'm so happy with how my hair came out - it's staying really well too, which is awesome and the turquoise is such a perfect colour. I love Directions hair dye so much!
Recently I've started uni again after a lovely holiday and so far it's been pretty interesting, which is always good. I also saw Cabin in the Woods recently and unfortunately found that it didn't really tickle my funny bone as it was supposed to, but I'm sure if you're into horror parody you'd love it.
Apart from that I've got a lot of posts I need to write but are planned - I do love it when I have lots of ideas and stuff. So, that's about it for my rambling (I hope I'm not too boring, unfortunately I don't lead a super interesting life, or if I do I'm very bad a conveying it. I'll work on that).
Hope y'all had a good weekend!


  1. Such a magnificant hair colour! My goodness. I'm in love. My hair is currently dyed with Directions too and I have to say, I also really like it. I tried Special Effects in the past and even though I was over the moon with how bright and long lasting the colour was, I found that it bled a lot more than the Directions dye. Plus I think Directions has a better colour range. I only wish they'd make their tubs larger! Grr.

    Oh and the top is so pretty. It's funny you should mention HAVING to wear it with something high waisted, because I think, with the high neckline and all, a high waisted somethingerather would do it the most justice. Is that an expression? Hmm...

    Thanks for the eye candy!

    Such A Beautiful Sight

    1. :) heh heh, I'm tempted to try Special Effects actually but at the moment Directions is a winner for me.
      Yeah, I think you're right about the high waisted remark - thanks for the comment!

  2. That top....I love it! Can't remember seeing you wear it before.

    What a pretty face you have there girl. ;P

    As I've told you many a time, your posts are really interesting and fun to read! =DD


  3. hello dear cool outfit and bloG<
    i love your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Your hair is amazing! Wish mine wasn't so ruined from bleaching already as this has inspired me to experiment again :)

    1. You definitely should. Plus, dying bleached hair is a bit better for the hair from what I've gathered - it fills the hair up.


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