Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ white petals.

magnolia flower tree face overlay
{Small white petals in the wind,
and sidewalks mosaicked
with samaras from the maples,
and footprints, and music:
a merganser-spotted pond
on a bleak Sunday.

When you move like first light
through the blinds, I am
at peace. When you move
like first light through the blinds,
you warm me like a memory.}
~ Small White Petals, Shane Murphy

This little chinese style top is such a lovely piece and I'm so glad I saved it before my mum threw it when she was doing a clear out. It was perfect for the day as well, it was one of the first of those insane series of amazingly sunny days we had in the UK last week. As you can see these were taken just before I dyed my hair and is the last time you will see it, so wave goodbye to the faded purple and say hello to the turquoise.
As is so often the case we did this outfit at a National Trust place, this time Wakehurst Place, another one of my favourites. I really wanted to go because I remember this time last year when I went the magnolias were in bloom and this year was no expection. They were so beautiful; magnolias are one of the most beautiful flowering trees and as I discovered this year, smell lovely.

If you look down you'll see a photo of a butterfly resting on my hand. That photo is entirely legit, I saw a butterfly passing and stuck my hand out instinctively and it landed and stayed there for a while. It was kind of really awesome.

Top ~ vintage Monsoon
Vest top ~ from a little sewing shop
Floral trousers ~ ASOS
Brogues ~ New Look
Necklace ~ from a fair
Lips ~ thin layer of Chinchilla by Lime Crime
Eyes ~ Chilli Pepper palette
lilac ombre faded hair
floral jeans trousers


  1. I love Wakehurst, My mum used to take me there when I was ickle, and now I am a NT member I go every so often! Love the first picture, and the jeans!

  2. love your hair! all the pictures are super nice!



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