Saturday, 19 May 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ 90s kid, 80s style.

 {There were lasers and computers
And living in space
The 90's kids' dream is for the whole human race.}

~ 90s Kids, Jennifer Love Hewitt 
I suggest reading the rest of these lyrics, they are hilarious!

Last weekend me and the boyfriend wanted to go to London but due to the trains looking very unappealing we decided to go somewhere a little closer by car, so we picked Portsmouth. When we got there the obvious place to go was the shopping centre/outlet mall place, which was so nice. I know this sounds weird but I really like places that look clean and that's exactly how it was and full of loads of high-end outlet stores with heavily discounted stuff. In the end the boyfriend bought more than I did (2 tshirts from O'Neill), although I actually quite like his purchases so I think I'll probably end up 'borrowing' them at some point or other.
I really love this outfit! Firstly I'm enjoying putting my hair up in a rockabilly quiff style, it's such a great way of getting my extremely annoying fringe out of my eyes and I think it looks really nice too. As for the denim shirt, it was another of those things my mum was going to mindlessly throw out, luckily I saved it just in time. I really want to grunge it up a bit more, it's currently a bit too sweetness and light for my taste, though I'm sure after some studding and dying it'll look perfect. And I got to take my new bag out for a spin which I got in the New Look sales for £10 - I love it so much!

Headscarf ~ unsure
Batwing top ~ H&M
Denim shirt ~ vintage
Cords ~ Fashion Union
Boots and bag ~ New Look
Peacock necklace ~ Accessorize


  1. This honestly makes me wish I could pull of blue hair. ghmpff. You look great! I love the bandeau and denim vest!


    1. Heh heh, thanks!
      Although I always say it's how you carry a haircut/colour that counts. I think anything can suit anyone!


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