Saturday, 26 May 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ jellyfish princess.

{The piece of my soul in the holy land
with bruises on her thighs
and scarves in her hair, songs in her teeth.
To be more and more
, wrote Miller. Shooting stars
of thought
, wrote Kerouac.
Jellyfish pulse across the ocean,
electric heartbeats in the void.}

~ Alea Shurmantine, On Growing 

I love aquariums! This one is the newly re-opened Sealife Centre in Brighton that me and the boyfriend visited last week. Visiting a place like that makes me want to work there, even though realistically I'd probably be too grossed out to touch half of the animals, e.g. the octopus, because let's face it, they look really cool but also exceptionally creep. My favourite animals there have to be the jellyfish (which are new), the giant sea turtles (that always look so wise and old) and the seahorses - especially because there were baby seahorses which are just so cute it's untrue. Due to my obsession with unicorns when we were in the underwater tunnel thing I couldn't help but get excited about the fact there was a type of fish with a horn and thus the unicorn fish was born.
As for the actual outfit I'm sorry there aren't any full body shots, we were in a pretty confined space so it was difficult. I totally love this ensemble though. Do you like my pearl snake-bite piercings? They're not actually real - I went to a massive craft show the other day and they were going really cheap so I bought a whole load (I like to make cards) and then the boyfriend has the thought of using them as fake piercings. I think it looks pretty neat, right? My top is a DIY that went wrong in that it was supposed to be galaxy print but I used old transfer paper that wasn't specifically for dark colours and then I accidentally ironed some paper onto it, I think it somehow turned out okay anyway. I will probably do another at some point, I've been getting into DIY a lot, I've been studding and cutting everything in sight (the boyfriend keeps trying to persuade me not to cut up every top I own). What about you guys? Done any recent DIYs and did they turn out okay?

As usual all these lovely photos were taken by the very talented boyfriend, find him here.

Cross top ~ DIY
Cardigan ~ New Look Men's
Lace skirt, suspender tights (that you can't really see), 
Boots, key necklace ~ New Look
Pearl bracelet ~ originally necklace, unsure of origin
Black lipstick ~ Portland Black Lipstick Co.


  1. These shots are amazing! Also cute skirt!x

  2. love your hair- what dye did you use? im thinking about trying out chalks...
    check out my blog :)

    1. Hey, I use a few different brands but my current colour is Turquoise by La Riche Directions.
      Oh, yeah, chalking looks really cool. You should go for it!

  3. Where did you get those pearl lip studs? they look absolutely stunning :)

    1. They're not actually real studs. They're just pearl decorations that you can get from any craft shop.


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