Monday, 30 January 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ Graffiti heart

It’s like graffiti on my heart
Do you know you left your mark
I cannot escape you anywhere I go
Somehow everything I do
Now is tainted by you.
~ Kelly Buchanan

Recently I've been really into mostly black, slightly gothic outfits (and who can blame me when people like this make it look so cool). I've been planning on doing this outfit for a while but me and the boyfriend couldn't find any graffiti that was cool enough, I wanted to find a good contrast of epic bright against all the black I'm wearing, I think it worked out well, right? I feel like I'm surrounded by huge grafitti giants .

As you can see, my hair is mega faded but after 2 1/2 months since I dyed it (Directions - Plum) with only one tiny top up I am so impressed with how long it's lasted. It's fading quite nicely as well, in some place (focus more on the lilac/grey than the yellow/brown). I'm already planning my next colour so look out for an inspiration post and then eventually a new hair post!
Hat: Ebay
Lips: Rimmel - Kate 04
I am so crazy about this lipstick at the moment. I love that it (sort of) matches my hair, in fact I have been subconsciously dressing with hints of purple a lot more as of late. I love how it's nearly black but has enough colour to be quirky and interesting - nothing wrong with a black lip though (hint: future post coming very much centered around black lipstick).
 Eyes: L'Oréal Super Liner Carbon Gloss
Foundation: Olay Complete Care Touch of Foundation
Mascara: Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara
 Bracelet: actually a necklace from New Look
Top: bought from a little fabric shop in a random country village (with my gran - so cool). Ignoring my goofy smile, I love the pattern of the crochet.
Trousers: Fashion Union (I love cords. End of.)
Shoes: New Look. These boots are my life. They are my "go to", they totally suit my generally casual, grungy look even if my boyfriend and my mum hate them. I will be sad when they eventually, inevitably wear.

As you can see I'm finally getting back into the swing of blogging which feels really good. How is everyone doing? Had a go at gothic recently? It's a tricky look, it's easy to go overboard I think. Looking forward to seeing a lot of new people at the #ZOMGbloggersbash, so look out for a post about that. I think that's all for now! 


  1. Love the crochet top!

  2. These pics are amazing. Your photographer has a great eye! I am digging your cute top and your polish.

    With Class & Sass,


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