Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cute Shopping Haul!

I know a haul is meant to be when you've had a massive shopping spree and all the items have been bought at the same time, but recently I've been buying loads of small, cute things seperately and I just wanted to bring them all together and share them with you!
Also, excuse that first photo, it was taken before I redyed my hair.

 Unbelievably cute stickers from Paperchase! I've also got a matching sharpner. My favourite has to be the little rabbits at the bottom.
This is the kind of thing that is so cute I don't even want to use it. Bought from a little shop in Brighton called Aha which has loads of sweet Japanese themed things. It was only £1.99!
I feel like I'm over-using the word "cute", I need to deviate. Bring me a thesaurus! These darling little elephant candles were from Snooper's Paradise. I'm in love with the yellow one at the end.
I bought these at a clearance sale at Acrylicana. They are so pretty! Originally there were loads of them and it was an actual mission to choose my favourite...and as you can see in the end I had to get two.
Again from the Acrylicana clearance sale. Loads of adorable little charms. This is the kind of thing I buy to hang up in my room and just stare at sometimes.
 These adorable stickers came free with the above purchases. I'm not sure how I'm going to use them but until I figure it out they can just hang about, looking cute.
 I can't bear how freaking adorable these are! Gotten at from a stall set up by ArtBox which just sells an endless amount of cute stuff, including Carebear and Hello Kitty merchandise (for those of you who are inclined toward the "kawaii".

So that about sums this simple little post. Do you have any recent purchases that are particularly cute? Where's your go-to place for all things adorable?


  1. Ah! These are all really so cute! I haven't bought anything cute lately. But I have been spending plenty of quality time with my ridiculously cute 4-year-old cousin.

    autumn jordan

  2. awww u got some amazing stuff, I totally love that cute style...my fav is the necklace!!

  3. All of these things are super cute, the charm bracelet (especially since it has a popcorn charm) is fantastic!

  4. I adore Paperchase! I love anything cutesy and kitsch! That charm bracelet is lovely, so cool and unique! xx


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