Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ Winter Sun

white fur hood

I dreamed of the snowmaiden,
white and soft,
of endless warmth

her face was veiled
her mind cleared
of prejudice and hate

worry became my boast,
that the love we shared
would fade like snow 
- Len Webster

The main reason I wanted to do this outfit post was because I wanted to show you all my amazing new (relatively, got it about a month ago) hood. I am such a supporter of buying handmade stuff (which is why Etsy is such a common haunt of mine) and when it turns out to be local as well then it's doubly awesome. 
The hood was made by JeSuis Hoods who I first found out about whilst perusing a little vintage shop above a much vaster antiques and  knick-knack shop (Snooper's Attic in Snooper's Paradise for those of you who are familiar with Brighton). There I found some of the pre-made hoods and decided I wanted one but when I came back later the one I wanted was gone so I took a business card and emailed Jessie, who makes them. She provides about a million different colour choices, including different lining materials and optional piping as well and sizes (S, M and L).  
It took me ages to decide what I wanted and in the end I just had to get the boyfriend to make some of the decision for me (as you can see we settled on black with white fur lining in medium, for just £26, which the boyfriend offered to pay for, bless him). If you're interesting then either (if you're near Brighton) go to Snooper's Attic and have a look or go to the JeSuis Facebook page and contact her through there (you can also see some other hood combos and material swatches). It's so snug and warm and perfect for the cold months.
white fur hood
white fur hood
Me and the boyfriend went to Nymans, which is a National Trust place for this shoot. We both have National Trust memberships which means there's always somewhere close by where we can take a walk around some nice gardens, even if at this time of year most things are dead.
white fur hood
I can't believe this is the only photo of my tights! I layered burgundy ones from Tye Rack with white, lace ones from New Look, I quite like how it looks.
white fur hood
This hood makes me feel so freaking cool, like some kind of arctic nomad. It's was pretty windy and pretty chilly that day but it kept me warm, which was nice, 'cause my ears always get so damn cold.
white fur hood
So that's about it, sorry I haven't posted much recently but I'm getting back into now that my life has become less hectic. Coming up will be a quick book review, some product reviews and a few other things. Watch this space!

As always all photos were taken by the talented Harry Tilsley (a.k.a the boyfriend), you can find more of his stuff (which is beautiful) on his Tumblr.


  1. That first picture was a double take :)

  2. love your coat!!
    found you in IFB! Follow you now!! hope you visit my blog and if you like it you can follow me back! =)


  3. omg that looks soooooooooo comfy and warm!

  4. Nice crumpet.

    Nice poem, too. Where did you get it?

    1. Haha, thnaks.
      I was just looking for inspiration so I googled poems to do with snow.
      I know, super original, but it's good way of finding new poetry.


  5. I've only just seen these photo's. They are lovely. I make the hoods. Would you mind if I posted the pictures to the JeSuis facebook page? Also if anyone would like a hood I will be at various Brighton Christmas markets, or you can order one through the facebook page or by emailing me at I have changed the design a bit since you bought this one, and also found some really super extra cosy fur to line them with these days.I hope you're still enjoying yours! JeSuisX


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