Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Nail of the Day ~ Racing Green

I felt like being a more adventurous with my nails (not that I haven't been before but I've never really taken photos of most of my...'experiments', apart from the firework nails). I've been seeing a lot of this "half moon" business about so I thought I'd try it out myself. I thought I'd go for a bit more of subtle choice of two tone, but I think I went a bit too subtle since it's pretty hard, even in real life, to see the difference, which also made it a nightmare to photograph (for my boyfriend, I just had to sit there).
I used one of my favourite shades at the moment; Barry M's Racing Green, which is a gorgeous, dark forest green with a lovely black and dark green shimmer. It's so nice (and subtle)! The black is unremarkable, it was one of the first nail varnishes I bought and it was from Claire's Accessorises and it isn't very nice. However, a black I would like to try is A England's Camelot, which I have heard nothing but good things about (this praise extends to their entire collection, which is gorgeous).

So, what's your favourite black varnish?
And have you tried half moons? Did they come out better than mine? Show me!

Also, it would be super awesome if you could vote for me in New Look's Style Star competition that's happening at the moment - you get a chance to win £50 in vouchers if you vote, so if you've got 5 minutes please do, it would mean so much to me! You can vote here. Thanks ♥.


  1. I love dark nails!!! kisses http://trendytips-trendygirls.blogspot.com

  2. Ohhh, these are sexy! I love how you alternated the colors, what a fresh twist!

    autumn jordan

  3. I really like that darker shade of green. Really polished.

  4. I love lincoln park after dark!



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