Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Trending ~ The Emerald City.

Emerald green, forest green, bottle green. Call it what you want but  the colour of the moment is definitely vivid dark green.With the strong gothic vibe at the moment, pairing this colour with luxurious fabrics like velvet and chiffon is just the perfect autumn statement.
I personally adore this colour and you can see me wearing it here, here and here.

From left to right
Others that didn't make the cut: this pretty ASOS satin prom dress and these amazing Topshop shoes.

So what do you think of the emerald trend? Have you seen anything gorgeous and green recently?


  1. i love that romwe skirt! amazing x

  2. I'm really into forest green! Actually, the tips of my hair are dark green right now. I try not to buy Lime Crime products because they have some sketchy business practices, but I'm really tempted by that green lipstick.

    1. Oh, that hair sounds super pretty.
      And yeah, I know what you mean about Lime Crime but I just love that colour so much!

  3. Love it all! Gorgeous colour xx

  4. Lov this trend cuz my birthstone is an emerald :)
    Follow me? :)
    -Jen <3

    1. Oh pretty, mine is peridot, which is green but definitely not as nice.

  5. Those shoes. My god, those shoes. I dont know if ive ever seen anything so perfect in my life...and there are 2 of them!!!!
    And that lippy....and the skirts....and the eyeshadow....GAH feckit, I love it all!!!

    Hehehe. xxxxx


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