Monday, 15 October 2012

Autumn Shopping Haul!

It's that time of the year again! Today I thought I'd share with you some of my recent purchases from the past couple of months. I've been going a bit spending crazy recently mainly because I've acquired a fair bit of money from my french gran and I'm normally pretty frugal so I've been treating myself! But now I'm panicking because I don't like spending that much money in one go.
Motel Rocks
Gothic Placement Jordan Jeans, £24 (50% off original price)
Hayley Sheer Flocked Shirt, £22.50 (50% off original price)
When I logged onto Facebook and saw Motel was having an hour long 50% off sale I nearly died. Seriously. I cannot tell you what state I was in whilst the code wasn't working but when my order finally got through I was basically euphoric. I absolutely love this print - have ever since it launched, so I'm so happy to have them now and they fit perfectly (you can see me wearing them here)! Even though I forgot to take a photo of it, I also got the Hayley flocked shirt. I've got such a thing for burn-out velvet so I got this shirt too. The material is really stretchy, but I've found the slit on the cuffs goes really far down the arm, which is a bit annoying.

Models Own
Nail varnishes in Utopia, Emerald Black, Indian Ocean and Aqua Violet, £2.50 each (50% off)
It seems everyone's having massive random sales at the moment. Models Own had one as well so I took advantage to get some of their nail varnishes I'd been eyeing up for a while. If they are as good as they seem I'll definitely be purchasing more!

Look Beauty
Nail varnishes in Catsuit and Pearl Effect, 2 for £6
After having bought all those polishes from Models Own you would have thought that'd be enough but when browsing Superdrug the other day with Bekki I spotted that a) the Brighton Superdrug has had a refurb and now has a Look Beauty counter but also b) the nail varnishes were 2 for £6! Bekki basically picked out the dark blue one and I'd been eyeing the pearl effect one for a while. I've got plans for one of them. Oh ho.
Urban Outfitters
Paper punch, £3.20 (20% off)
Astronomy vest top, £16 (20% off)
Not only was there 20% off, there was also free delivery. Whilst I was working on this challenge I stumbled across this vest and I pretty much had to buy it. I am in love with all things symbolic and astromonical (although I don't buy into it) so I was pretty damn happy about that discount code. As I continued to browse I came across the paper punch as well and couldn't resist buying it - I'd been looking for a leaf shaped one for ages (no lie!) for card making and this one was a proper steal as well, even without the discount.
Spiked Aliceband, £8 (20% off)
Cross t-shirt, £17.60 (20% off)
Even though I already own one spiked headband I decided to get this one - I love that the spikes are bigger and that it's on an alice band! Yay for making childhood clothing gothic! I am running out of cool, casual tshirts and whilst I was shopping around on in Topshop I saw this babe, the material feels really nice and light and soft and the design is cute.

River Island sunglasses, £5.00 (on sale, 50% off)
120 Denier tights, £7.20 (10% off)
I saw these glasses last season and loved the little star stud detail so I'm pretty pleased to snag them now for half price ready for next summer! The tights are a winter/all year round staple. My last ones laddered after a lot of wear. I've also just purchased this dress from the current ASOS sale...hopefully it'll look good!
(I also snagged the last one of these River Island Cosmic jumpers from ASOS but the size didn't quite fit right, sad face.)

Head garland, £4
Yes, you read that right, £4! I went to the Weald of Kent International Craft + Hobby fair which if you're local and a fan of beautiful, unique stuff, from jewellery to photography to furniture and plenty in between then I highly recommend you check it out. I'd been looking for another head garland (to add to this one) and not only was the lady selling them lovely, at £4 there was very little reason not to buy it.

Rookie Yearbook 1, £15.19
This was sort of an impulse buy. I was watching an interview with Tavi Gevinson about her new book and it seemed really cool so I went ahead and bought it! It looks so quirky and fun, might review it.

So that's pretty much it. Have you made any purchases you're happy with recently?


  1. fantastic haul- cannot wiat to see you in those motel rocks trousers!

  2. Cute haul!!!!
    Follow me? :)
    -Jen <3

  3. Love the nail polish colours & Rookie yearbook.

    New follower right here :)

    1. Thanks for the follow! :)
      Shamefully I have yet to try the new nail varnishes out yet. But I will, soon!


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