Thursday, 11 October 2012

My New Hair Cut ~ Cleopatra meets Morticia Addams

I got my hair cut! Yay! And what's more it was only £10.
At my local Toni & Guy you can be a model for a trainee and get a hair cut for a tenner, which is pretty much win/win since nothing ever goes wrong 'cause they have supervisors and stuff - I'm never worried, although it was funny since my particular trainee didn't know what a Bettie Page fringe was so I had to show him, bless. I would say he also underestimated my hair's ability to bounce back so when he did the preliminary cut on my fringe I was like "uh, no shorter than that thanks!". But I love it! He did a good job, not quite Bettie Page, a bit edgier than what I'm used to but definitely a welcome change!
So far most comments have been either "Cleopatra" or "Morticia Addams" which I'll take - both of those women are pretty awesome.
So yeah! Anyone had a change in hair style recently?


  1. youre hair looks fantastic- i almost want to dye my hair back to black and get a bettie page fringe cut in.
    i completely agree with you about being a hair model- i havent paid for a hair cut in nearly 8 years as my sister is a hairdresser. so i used to model for her pretty much every week while she was training and every season now when she enters a compertition

    1. Hee hee, thanks!
      Yeah, it's a really option if you're short on cash. But they are always a little afraid, so even though I like to give my hairdresser pretty much free reign with my hair with these guys you have to make all the decisions.


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