Sunday, 28 October 2012

Dip Dye ~ Hair Inspiration

It has come. It is finally approaching the time when I will be re-dying my hair. In order to give my scalp a few more months to recover (it got a little beat up last time I bleached the hell out of my hair - be warned, learn from my lessons) I have decided to do a proper gradient/ombre dip dye! I'm so excited! I'm thinking of going from blue to purple and maybe ending on pink but there are so many cool options out there!

one ~ natural brown to pink to purple
two ~ light pink to dark fuschia
three ~ red to orange 
four ~ dark blue to light blue 
five ~ natural brown to dark pink to pastel pink 
six ~ ginger to blonde
seven ~ pastel purple to pastel pink 
eight ~ black to purple 
nine ~ white to black
ten ~ pastel pink to pastel blue, I love how the eyebrows match the beginning of the gradient
eleven ~ natural ash blonde to pastel pink 
twelve ~ natural brown to green to purple
thirteen ~ light purple to light turquoise
fourteen ~ natural brown to forest green
fifteen ~ light grey to purple

So, have you seen any amazing ombre hair recently?


  1. love everything! <3 try using manic panic dyes. that's what my sister used. :)

    XO, Mish

    1. I have tried manic panic, but they're pretty pricey.
      :) thanks for the comment though!

  2. Love all those hair colours! I really want to try Lilac in my hair one day.


    1. Thanks for the follow!
      Oh, you totally should! Lilac is such a pretty colour.

  3. I want dipdye hairrrr! Love it! Great images xxx

    1. Haha! Me too, hopefully it'll be happening soon!

  4. Wow, love this post. It's the best page I've found on my search for tie-dye hair colours :)


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