Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ summer days faded.

Green creepers ~ Underground via ASOS
Wing necklace ~ Tatty Devine
Chunky knit cardigan ~ New Look
This is another outfit the boyfriend and I did when we were in Swanage, on our mini holiday. It's a pretty simple outfit, but it's so comfortable. I got the dress from one of the many (if not constant) ASOS sales. I couldn't decide if I liked it because of the interested/odd cut on the front but in the end I was "yes!", although I did have to neaten the cut-out sections because they had been really badly done. It's such a nice, snug fit as well. And look! It's my new, very green creepers, the one's I dedicated a whole post to. As expected they are sturdy and have a great weight to them (unlike my ebay pair which are literally falling apart).
In other news I am ill with the flu, which happened directly after I went to gym for the first time in ages, coincidence, I think not. I have also been song writing with a friend which is turning out to be really fun and a lot more rewarding than doing covers all the time. We've got an open mic coming up in less than a week and I'm praying I'm over this cold by then. I also found out I didn't get the job at New Look so now I'm starting to apply for Christmas temping jobs.
I'm also getting a hair cut soon! I'm so excited, the length won't change too much but I'm getting a Bettie Page fringe which should be fun! After that I'm thinking of going pixie-cut short but most of my friends are begging me not too (including the boyfriend)...I may or may not pay attention to them. From the comments I got on my hair history post though, a lot of you liked my short hair.
The next post going up after this one will be a DIY! Another one, finally. This one will involve star shaped studs! I'm also planning a post on purple lipsticks, so if you have any personal favourites let me know!

Don't forget I'm currently doing a giveaway on the run-up to my one year blog anniversary where you could win an ASOS voucher, all you have to do is follow Good Morning Angel and leave a comment telling me what you like and what you think could be improved on the blog (enter here). 
There's only a few days left so hurry!


  1. thank you for the kind words on my blog- lfw was amazing and i am very much going tot he next one. all the bloggers i met where fantastic- fritha is just (if not more) friendly in real life than on her blog.
    love the dress it looks great on you and every time i think of your green creepers i feel full of envy!
    hope you feel better soon, cant wait for your diy and the bettie page fringe

    1. Heh heh, thanks :P I know, I can't wait for that hair cut either!

  2. Really love your chunky knit cardi. Is it still in stores? Lovely photos too xx


    1. It is! Now you've reminded me I'll add a link to the post. Just click on the name :)


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