Friday, 5 October 2012

Easy DIY ~ star studded socks.

When I was in Urban Outfitters the other day I saw these absolutely adorable socks with little star shaped studs, but there were a few problems: the studs were iron on and you know they'd wash off after a few cycles and the socks were below calf height and I don't really wear socks that height on the outside, plus they were £8, which isn't much but for one pair of socks it is. So I decided I'd have a go at making my own.
I know I've called this post a DIY but I came across a lot of problems so I will discuss those as well and you can decide for yourself if making them is a good idea!

You Will Need
~ 1 pair of socks - I went for over the knee because I really like that style at the moment
~ some star shaped studs - I had some left over from when I did the shorts from this post. I got them from Josy Rose, in medium and large, as well as some crescent shaped ones.
~ 1 pair of scissors - or anything else flat and metallic, you'll see why in a minute
 ~ a lot of patience

1. Before you start! When choosing your socks go for a thicker material, my ones were from Primark and turned out quite thin when I put them on which isn't ideal - I think it's better if the studs have a bit more to cling to. I'd recommend somewhere like H&M or ASOS for some good quality but not too pricey over the knee socks.

2. Lay your socks out flat and choose on the pattern you're going to do. I decided I wanted the cuffs to have crescent moons all the way round with random stars on the rest.

3. I would then recommend is putting the socks on. Firstly to stretch them out a bit but also I found after trying a lot of different techniques that actually wearing them is the best way to make sure the studs don't deform the material once you've finished (if you look closely at the photo below you'll see what I mean).

4. Although I didn't do this I'd recommend starting at the bottom. Roll the socks down to where you want to put your first stud, push it through and then take your scissors (without opening them) and bend the prongs down as far as possible, ideally they should be pointing inwards. This is because if they are not like this they will snag. I know this from experience with my shorts - they've nearly ruined at least 2 pairs of tights.

5. Once you've done your first one, roll your sock up a bit more and continue putting your studs on a bending the prongs in. You will find this is incredibly fiddly and if you're like me your patience will wear very thin. However, I wanted to finish them for this very post and because they were starting to look half decent.
And that's pretty much it and this is how they looked (and yes, they do come up to different heights on my leg - Primark really is rubbish sometimes).

So, as you can probably tell I had a lot of problems with these. One of the main ones was the studs just unhooking and having to unbend and put them back on, which is why I think a thicker material would have worked better.
Apart from all the problems I'm pretty happy with them and maybe I'll attempt to wear them in an outfit as some point.
Will you be trying to stud anything anytime soon?

Also, I'd like to announce the winner of my one year giveaway! The £10 ASOS voucher will go to Cza Callanta and I will be emailing you shortly. Thank you to everyone who entered. I recieved so many lovely but helpful comments which have really inspired me to keep putting effort into my content to make it as good quality as possible.


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