Saturday, 3 November 2012

Trending ~ Devoré Velvet

Velvet has been slowly creeping onto the cat walk and high streets for a while now, but this season's opulent goth has taken over and velvet is everywhere. The newest way to wear it is devore, other wise known burn out velvet or flocked velvet (which is slightly different but pretty much gives the same effect). One of my favourite items of clothing ever is this gorgeous gradient vintage devore shirt and I've seen about a million beautiful kimonos in that style as well, so I thought I'd scan the internet and find the best of this amazing trend.

Top row (L-R): River Island Floral Print Devore Cape - £45, Boohoo Floral Flocked Leggings - £12, Dorothy Perkins Flocked Peplum Top - £28, Miss Selfridge Devore Velvet Maxi Skirt - £35, River Island Devore Cape - £35
Bottom row: Ebay Silk Devore Shawl - £6.99, Miss Selfridge Floral Devore Skater Dress - £35, Topshop Devore Mesh Corset - £25, River Island Floral Devore Longline Cape - £55,  Warehouse Devore Burn Out Tshirt - £35

So what do you think of the devore velvet trend?


  1. Middle bottom is a definitely win! I want!!! xx

  2. Fell in love with the Topshop corset!

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