Friday, 9 November 2012

Nail of the Day ~ Pearl Effect

Look Beauty ~ Nail Pop Sequin Effect top coat
Claire's Accessories ~ Black

I got the top coat from Superdrug whilst they were two for £6, which is great since I had been tempted by it before. I really wanted it because before I was aware of this one I had been looking to buy one of Nfu Oh's amazing flakies nail varnishes (for an example of just how gorgeous they are look here and here). I would say that Look Beauty's Pearl Effect is a pretty good dupe to Nfu Oh's #50 although the shifts in colour are a lot less obvious. The actual polish is a clear base with flecks of irresdent flakes that shift from a dark cobalt blue to navy to purple and then a bit turquoise as well, the changes in colour were really hard to capture on camera and in real life are only noticeable in really bright sunlight. I layered it over a plain black polish but it looks really pretty and subtle on top of a nude as well. I want to try it on white as well, I think it'll make a really lovely icy Christmas look.

So what do you think? Have you tried their other shifting top coat Sequin yet?


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