Friday, 31 August 2012

Labels I Love ♥ Motel

The last time I did Labels I Love I focused on the slightly too expensive yet heart-breakingly stunning Wildfox, but today I want to talk about a brand that not only makes gorgeous clothing but is also a lot more affordable - especially with the juicy 20% student discount they offer all the time! If you have heard of Motel then it's probably due to the amazing popularity of their Jordan jeans in the thick, vertical line print which I constantly lust after. I discovered them whilst browsing ASOS (seriously, ASOS is so great for finding new brands) and just haven't stopped adoring them since.
I love Motel for the following reasons: the gorgeous and totally modern cuts and shapes of their clothing, for example at the moment they have the most amazing dress called the Debbie which is so 90s and so lush that I am very close to purchasing it (along with everything else they sell). I also really love the body suits they do, I'd love to try one with a maxi skirt or some jeans, although I can't decide if I want a patterned one or a plain one. Every season brings some really unique and beautiful prints, and their newly realised collection is no different. My current (and I think everybody else's too) favourite is the 'gothic placement', which you can see on the jeans below and their newly releasing 'melting violet' tie dye style print, which is on the top below.
I don't really need to explain further how perfect their edgy, sometimes grungey, sometimes preppy clothes are; just look for yourself.

Is there anything from Motel you love at the moment? Have you made any recent purchases I should be jealous of?


  1. These tops are awesome! So my style.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. i am planning to buy the jeans hehehe

    1. :) oh! So lucky! Let me know how they look when you get them!


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