Sunday, 12 August 2012

Haul ~ Primark, Urban Outfitters and more!

 So, I thought I'd show you guys some stuff that I've bought recently. Not all of it was bought at the same time, it's collected over a month or so but I thought I'd share anyway. I feel pretty good because a fair bit of it is birthday presents for various lovelies in my life (who both read this blog, so hey!).

ƒƒƒRucksack ~ £9. Now that 90s fashion is back, so are ruck sacks. I'd been shopping around a bit for one on ebay (and I found a cute pleather one in Claire's Accessories) and then trusty old Primark came up with this beaut! It's available in black and navy from I could see and oddly I prefered this tan colour over then black which is unusual. You can see me wearing it in this outfit.
Round sunglasses ~ £1. I needed some round sunglasses! I could rather have a pair with a thin, metal rim but these are cute as well - very 60s and I wore them out to London here.
Retro sunglasses ~ £1. I thought these would be cute when I like to dress a little bit rockabilly/50s although I'm worried they don't really suit me.
Velvet skater skirt (via ebay) ~ £2.60. I finally got a velvet skater skirt that I'm happy with! After shopping around a lot I got this one and I love it! It's perfect.

Pieces Starry bracelet ~ £7. I just love everything starry.
Urban Outfitters
Nail varnishes in Tarot, Twinkie and Cosmos ~ price not included since one of them is a birthday present. I saw Cosmos and fell in love and then caught sight of the others and I just cried. They are so beautiful! Cosmos is a blue/purple duochrome, Twinkie is a clear base with holographic glitter and pink and blue stars (OMG I know!) and Cosmos is a black base with loads of different coloured microglitters, it's so moody looking.
Mug ~ price not included since it's a birthday present. This is for my BFF who just loves it when I use abbreviations and acronyms (she totally doesn't, tee hee)!

Rich liquid foundation in RF133 ~ £10. I got this from their sale last week and hoped the shade would be right, but unfortunately it's not, it's far too yellow, which is kind of annoying since the formula is lovely.
Creepers ~ £24, ebay. I finally got creepers! FINALLY. I've been lusting after them ever since I discovered tumblr really and now I have my very own pair! So happy!
Button-through midi skirt ~ £5, thrift shop. So cute!
Totoro keychain, Aha in Brighton ~ price not included since this is also a birthday present. So freaking cute! I kind of want to keep it.
Emoticon stickers, Aha in Brighton ~ again, birthday present. These are just so perfect, I think!
Academic planner, WHSmiths ~ £6ish. Now I have an iphone I don't need a big diary and I have a DIY planned to spice this plain diary right up!


  1. Wow that velvet skater skirt is beautiful! I want one too!

    1. :) thanks! It's pretty awesome and I love stroking it...

  2. Replies
    1. Heh heh, I know, it's super awesome, I use it all the time.


    :P x


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