Saturday, 25 August 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ mercurial blue.

 Velvet bodycon skirt ~ Topshop via Ebay
Acid wash effect leggings ~ gift
Creepers ~ Ebay
Cold shoulder top ~ New Look
Butterfly necklace ~ Accessorize 

Hey there. Finally I have done another outfit, it feels like ages since I have. As seems to be the usual at the moment I've been hella busy; I'm currently half way through the run of Pride and Prejudice I'm doing and it's going really well, the audiences we've had have been good filled the auditorium up nicely. As some of you might know because of said play I had to dye my hair back to a natural colour, which I did about a week ago. I cannot tell you how much I wish it was some other colour - I feel utterly boring and plain but on the other hand it is interesting to see how it looks black after so many years of not being normal coloured. It definitely looks a lot healthier.

As well as the play I've had my birthday (which I will be doing a post about - I have lots of wonderful presents I want to show you all!) and I am now longer a teenager although it has yet to be seen whether this will affect my behaviour at all.
I also went to the Brighton blogger's meet, which was organised by Lauren of Belle du Brighton. Although I was a little afraid of going (being the socially awkward individual I am) due to Lauren's encouragement and I went and it was lovely! We chatted in the sun and then wandered down to the seafront, I also got a pencil case out of the gift swap (which I totally forgot to donate towards) and a lush product just 'cause Hannah was nice enough to get stuff for everyone - I have yet to check out all of the blogs but the one's I've seen so far have been really good! If you're curious check out:
Hannah from baileycakes - her review/discussion of 50 Shades of Grey is great!
Sarah from Sarah Loves who's illustrations and outfit photos are both lovely as hell.
Freya from Ursula Glitch who is a dab hand at embroidery! Like, seriously.
Milly from Mini Adventures who's wish lists pretty match up to mine.
Skye from Even Artichokes Have Hearts who is awesomely creative.
Ceri from Ceri who is pretty, stylish and friendly - great combo.
and Sophie from Cider With Sophie who I was already following but didn't actually get to meet.

As for the actual outfit I am reluctant to wear that skirt because of how dimpled my thighs are (which you can plainly see) but I sort of tried to use the top to fill them in a bit...didn't really work out, but the velvet is so soft and the material is beautiful. I'm still in love with that top but it's already got holes in it which isn't surprising considering just how thin the material is.
Anyway, I think that's all for now...I may have rambled a bit - sorry about that!


  1. I'm so glad you came!! was lovely to meet you too! :)
    I absolutely love velvet, in any shade! burgundy especially!

    1. :) thanks - yeah, burgundy velvet is awesome, but light colours are surprisingly pretty as well.

  2. Im so sad imissed you!dont worry, im socially awkward too!x


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