Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Birthday present haul!

My birthday was a few weeks ago (14th of August) and I was lucky enough to receive presents from a lot of my nearest and dearest so I thought I would share with you how awesome my friends (...and family) are!

The Boyfriend
Tatty Devine Pegasus Mini Necklace, My Wonderful World of Fashion Book, My Even More Wonderful World of Fashion Book
I cannot tell you how much I love this boy and how much I love these presents! All of them are things I wanted but completely forgot about. That Tatty Devine necklace is everything I adore; acrylic jewellery and wings! As for the fashion books (which are like inspirational colouring books), they are so awesome I might have to do a review of them.

The family
Loverdose Eau de Parfum and Body Lotion Set, Past Time Amber Bracelet, The Simple Art of Japanese Papercrafts Book
Again, carefully chosen gifts, Loverdose smells so good and weird and I've wanted it ever since I saw the ads (I know, shallow).
My brother got me some pop tarts...
The boyfriend's parents gave me some delicious honeycomb chocolate as well, so good! And his brother + wife (who are mega awesome) got me an adorable fluffy seal based on the fact that when we watched Planet Earth together I wouldn't stop saying how much I wanted a baby seal. Can you blame me??

The BFFs
Ollie & Nic Noah's Ark Bracelet, Sewing Machine Watch Necklace, Gorjuss Phone Sleeve, Cambridge University Scientist Bear
BFF1 gave me cute vintagey jewellery galore, they are going to be in an OOTD asap - mini animals and sewing machines are love. BFF2 followed the trend she has of getting me adorable sciency themed things, I also have a super cute Einstien from a few years back hanging from my keys and considering how beat up my phone is that sleeve is going to be very useful.

Other awesome friends
Dan ~ My Little Pony (+ cute little stickers), a manga of Shakespeare's As You Like It 
Seriously I cannot tell you. That pony. Omg. Childhood nostalgia + pastel coloured galore. I linked this to him once just to show how cute it was and he went and bought it for me. Also, considering how he did the lighting for our perfomance of As You Like It that manga is beyond apt.
Charley ~ Sleek Make Up Glory Palette, Sleek Make Up Ultra Matte V2 
Again, another friend who listens to my fangirl ramblings and act on them without me every expecting anything. Not only did she get me the Ultra Matte V2 palette I fell in love with but also got me another one as a bonus. Absolute babe.
Bekki~ No7 Betty Blues nail varnish, 'Space Goth' handmade nail varnish, Tiger keyring (+ a bracelet I forgot to include)
This girl not only got me all that but is also planning on giving me more stuff. Seriously. The shop bought nail varnish is beautiful but really you can't beat handmade - the box is so pretty and I cannot wait to try out the varnish (once the show I'm in is over) and it's called Space Goth!

So as you can see this birthday I felt very loved and showered with gifts.
Have you had a birthday recently? If so best present? Do you enjoy buying birthday presents (I know I do!)?


  1. I have My Wonderful World Of Fashion,the second instalment looks amazing!Although I'm still a bit scared to draw in the book,as it's so pretty ^.^

    1. I know what you mean! I have yet to draw in them...I don't want to ruin the perfect but I think that is kind of opposite to the point of the book :P

  2. Ahh glad you liked the gifts. Cannee wait to give you the rest.
    Im a tad jealous of the Sleek Palettes though. They look sooooo good.

    Hope to see many more posts with you wearing all of the cool makeup/jewellery that you received. =DD xxx

    1. :) hehe, I can't wait to see the rest!
      And I totally will! The next nail of the day will deffers feature something you've gotten me!

  3. Do you know where the Cambridge Uni Science bear is from? It would make the perfect gift for a friend of mine.


    1. I'm not sure really, since it was a birthday present...


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