Monday, 3 September 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ whisper of smoke.

 Blue wedges ~ ASOS
Chiffon maxi skirt ~ New Look
Skinny belt ~ ASOS
Lace dress (used as top) ~ New Look
Wing necklace ~ Tatty Devine (gift)
Cross bracelet ~ ASOS
Assorted rings ~ gifts
Bowler hat ~ New Look

I really like this outfit! I wore it when I went into town to give in CVs, unfortunately the stupid sun decide to show it's face and I got massively hot - damn me for always wearing black. The lace dress is really freaking short on it's own and highlights my thigh dimples like no other so I like using it as a top, and I have finally found something to put with my chiffon skirt, I love it so much but I just couldn't find the perfect partner for it (although I'm thinking this would like great with it too *drool*).
As for life, the last performance of the play I was in (Pride & Prejudice) has been and gone and it's always such a bittersweet feeling, on one hand I'm glad it's over because doing a show is exhausting and seeing anyone every day can get a little taxing (apart from the BFF1, who was never taxing and always up for singing at the top of our lungs after every single show) but on the other hand everyone was so fun and lovely and I probably won't see a lot of them again.
Apart from that I am slowly warming up for going back to uni, doing some background reading and moving more stuff into my boyfriend's house where I'll be living during term time since it's a blesséd 5 minutes walk from the station, unlike my house which is an unreliable bus journey away. I'm also picking up my driving lessons again, even though I dread the cost of it all once I've finally passed.
On a side note I lost 2 followers the other day, which always breaks my heart, although I shouldn't take it so personally I do. What would be useful would be to know why, you know? So I could improve my content.

So, I think that's all for now.
Are any of you gearing up for uni? What degree/year are you in?


  1. wow i love this outfit! I want to steal it all but i know it wont fit. I have the same problem as you i nearly always dress in black (altohugh today im in a pale pink dress) but im a permently cold person so i like the warmth it brings when the sun comes out
    glad your play went so well and sorry you have lost folowers- i think your post amazinng content so i have no idea why they left
    thanbnks for the comment- a mermaid crop would look awesome!

  2. aww i love all the wings in this outfit, really lovely :) x

    1. :) thank you. I am little bit in love with wings/feathers at the moment.

  3. This is such a beautiful outfit! And I was so excited to learn that you are a neuroscientist. you are too cool!
    xx Annika

    1. Haha! I'm glad you think so! I'm so happy you commented on my blog - I'm such a fan of yours!

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