Friday, 7 September 2012

Plastic Fantastic ~ Etsy Special, part 1

It's been a pretty little while since I've done an Etsy Special but I have found some stuff I really want to share with you! If you follow me on the Twitters (@L_Figment) then you'll know that one of my (many) current obsessions is laser cut acrylic jewellery. I currently have these moon & star earrings and this wing necklace which isn't much really but after browsing Etsy for many hours I have found about a million things I would love to add to my collection. One of the massive pluses that I have found with this sort of jewellery is that usually it is pretty damn inexpensive! Another reason to love it! In fact there are so many things I love that I had to split this post into two parts.
I hope you enjoy and let me know any of your own favourite items/shops!

Elizajay Charm ~ Initial Monogram Necklace, £9.03
This necklace can be custom made to the initials of your choice. There are so many different styles (I really like their simple typewriter initial necklaces as well) and loads of lovely gift and weddings ideas. I cannot get over how beautiful they are!

 Little Paper Forest ~ Circus Bear Charm, £6.45
Do I even need to justify including this? So. Freaking. Adorable.

Didepux ~ Glitter Cloud Necklace, £13.01
Aah! How cute is this!? I love love love glitter acrylic and this design is just perfect, just look at those little lightning bolts! If you prefer a less glittery version there is this one. This shop has loads of great stuff, I highly recommend browsing it.

 Laser Cut Jewelry ~ Engraved Heart Earrings, £6.42
I think this is a really unique way of using acrylic, I like how subtle and sweet these are.

 Sarah Keyes Jewellery ~ Black Dragonfly Pendant, £20.65
I cannot tell you how much I love this shop, everything in it is simple and beautiful. It was hard choosing only a few things to feature but I think these stunning dragonfly wings are my favourite - it doesn't help that I am so into butterflies/moths/things with wings at the moment.

Rock Cakes ~ Hello Necklace, £13.55
There are a lot of different 'word' necklaces you can get but I thought this one stood out because of it's cute, handwritten vibe. I wish they did a 'Good Morning'!

If you hadn't noticed, inverted crosses are everywhere, hopefully you don't find them offensive - personally I really like them for some reason (I like this simple glittery one as well). I think this necklace does a good job of making a potentially sombre symbol a little more cute, and if you feel like to rosary beads are a step too far there's a plain chain option as well.

Even though I wouldn't wear them special mention goes to this washing line necklace (so quirky), this unique cuff which is a totally different way of using laser cut acrylic and this cute as hell little face.


  1. oh my goth they are all so amazing! the dragonfly wings are my fav but closly followed by the cloud necklace

  2. thanks for featuring my necklace :) I love all the items you picked xoxo

    1. :) you're welcome, I love your necklace, it's so cool! I'd totally wear it.

  3. I don't usually like acrylic and laser cut jewelry but I really love some of these pieces! I would totally wear the heart earrings, the dragonfly wings are so delicate, and I also have a thing for black, solid crosses - even more if inverted >=D hahaha!

    Oh, and thank you for the lovely comment on my blog ♥

    Carol -

    1. Heh heh! I know what you mean it can look tacky but I'm glad you like my selection.
      And you're welcome :)


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