Thursday, 7 February 2013

Winter Haul ~ Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Missguided & more!

I think it's a unanimous opinion that this year's post-Christmas sales were a bit disappointing, but I still managed to get a few things (some of which were thanks to student discount as opposed to actual sale). So these are my purchases from Decemeber and January.

Faux Leather Studded Sleeveless Jacket, £18
The day after my first exam I was very up for spending some money and the idea of this style of jacket had been playing quietly in the back of my mind for a while. I'm still not sure how I feel about it but I thought I'd get it anyway. I might add some badges or something, just to make it a bit more personalised.

 Urban Outfitters
Staring at Stars ~ Rose Print Crepe Dress, £25 (was £55)
Silence + Noise ~ Long Sleeve Full Length Maxi Dress with Slits, £22 (was £48)

The long dress is definitely not something I would usually buy but it's so vampy I just fell in love with it. I want to buy a choker (maybe spiked) to go full goth with it. I quite like the idea of pairing it with a big, floppy hat as well. I intend to wear this casually and just feel like Morticia from the Addams family during my every day life. I had previously fallen in love with this dress but had given up on it since it was originally £55, when the UO sale started I looked but couldn't find it, so I googled it and found it...wierd?! I wasn't sure about it after I repurchased but then it sort of 're-grew' on me.

  Missguided (with 15% off - not included in prices)

I had a bit of a spree on the Missguided website with my discount code from Uni Days. These are my first proper crop tops which is a bit scary but rest assured I will only be wearing them with high waisted things. The off-shoulder one is pretty much a dupe of one Motel had, but so so much cheaper, and as we all know, I love off-shoulder. The skirt is longer than expected but the colour is really pretty...I know, even more velvet, when will it end!? You can find me talking about the suspender leggings in my dupe post. I had also bought a similar style high neck crop top from New Look in velvet but the sizings were weird which means I had a lot of exposed bra, luckily this fits me much better.

New Look (with 20% off ) 
Black Spike Leather Cuff ~ £4.99

I had been given a voucher for Christmas but I knew the 20% off offer would come eventually so I waited and then I bought all of thiiiss! The spiked leather cuff is the addition to a beautiful collection which includes two pre-existing spiked headbands and a soon to be purchased choker (maybe...or I might just get a plain velvet one, can't decide). I've also been craving new plain creepers ever since my ebay ones fell apart, although I do have my green pair they don't necessarily go with everything I own. 

This Is Not a Butchers
Crow with Top Hat Brooch ~ £2.50 (originally £6.00)
Swan with Crown Brooch ~ £2.50 (originally £6.00)

If you follow me on Instagram (@L_Figment) then you will have seen these cuties. The first time I saw them I could decide which to get, even though at £2.50 each it was kind of a no brainer, so a few days later I returned and the lovely lovely man at This is Not a Butchers let me have them for the sale price, even though they technically weren't on sale anymore. What a babe!

ASOS (with 25% discount)
Wedges Chelsea Ankle Boots ~ £18
Photographic Stargazer Print Leggings ~ £25??
Hanging Crystal and Chain Headband ~ £15

I had previously bought these wedges but just couldn't make my mind up about them, but after I sent them back I kept thinking of outfits I could wear them I bought them again. Plus they had been reduced further so that was a bonus! I have wanted galaxy leggings ever since I set eyes on Black Milk, but all the dupes I had found didn't look to be so great, I'm hoping these ones are as good as they look! Finally, this headband, which I had spotted ages ago and decided not to get because it was a little bit ridiculous, then it was sold out but then it came back and I snagged the last one!

Nerdy Little Secrets Horn Hair Clips ~ £4.09 (including 20% off - originally £5.10)
 To Be Worn Again headscarves (shop in Brighton) ~ £3 each

I haven't actually got a photo of these since they haven't arrived yet but they're so cute I wanted to show you before it takes inevitabely months for me to include them in an outfit. I realised I had lost my only headacarf of this style, so I bought two new ones! I didn't get any in red like my original one because I still cling to the hope I'll find it again.

So, that's about it. And now to not spend money for a very long time.
Have you snagged any bargains in the sales recently? Or just generally?


  1. Love everything but the biker vest and ankle boots are particularly gorgeous x

    1. :) glad you like 'em! Look out for them in future outfits!

  2. OOFT well I want everything. The boots though, DEM BOOTS <3 x

  3. So many great purchases! I love the velvet skirt and the rose dress the most- they're so pretty and would be great for valentines day!

    1. Heh heh, thanks :P unfortunately the boyfriend and I don't have plans for Valentine's day, but they are pretty none the less.


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