Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Blogger Event ~ #PlasticFantastic.

 Last Thursday I attended a local blogger event in Brighton at Porta, one of my favourite jewellery shops. I seriously go in there every time I walk past it, they have such an awesome collection of modern, cute quirky jewellery as well as bags and various accessories so to be invited to an event there was super cool. The event was all about laser cut acrylic and perspex jewellery, featuring four different designers showing off their new collections. Clearly I was made for this event considering a) how much of this kind of jewellery I own and b) how many times I've blogged about it.
I met up with a bunch of other Brighton bloggers to warm up in Costa before the event, including Lauren of Belle du Brighton, Fran of Skulls and Ponies (coolest blog name ever), Skye of "Even Artichokes Have Hearts" (who makes adorable things and is a great help when it comes to deciding on what to buy), Sophie of Cider With Sophie (who had the most amazing glasses. Serious.) and Steph of Stephanie Pomprett (who has the shiniest locks I have ever seen).
When we eventually faced the harsh cold to cross the street, we were greeted by the owners, Amanda and David, as well as Karli from Designosaur and offered alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages...I went for wine, 'cause I'm classy. First off we browsed their main shop which is on the ground floor, then we downstairs to look at the new collections and meet the creators. Here's a quick run down of each brand and my first impressions as well as my favourite piece from each.
 Look at the articulated triceritops ring. There was also a Darth Vader one!

There was a definite summery, animal inspired feel from this collection. Including big, beautiful articulated dragonflies with super detailed shimmery wings, as well as an amazing cat and goldfish bowl necklace. Oh, and space hoppers, which totally fit in with the summer vibe. Everything was so bright and fun and definitely a statement!
Personal favourite: strawberry earrings - they look so vibrant and cute!

This collection came in two main flavours; monochrome florals (very '60s meets '90s) and tropical fun, including toucans and hyenas. I liked the chunky tortoise shell effect plastic chains combined with cute little charms (flowers, leaves, animals) as well as some of the simpler pieces, including circles pendants with stripes and other patterns. It was cool to finally meet Anna as well and I was happy she noticed I was wearing one of her own creations - you can find my outfit from the evening here.
Personal favourite: a cute necklace with a pair of horned-rimmed spectacles - a unique twist to the current geek glasses trend.
For whatever reason my camera deleted other photos I took of this collection; luckily my favourite remained

As a a general I really like Designosaur's, well...designs. Their tiny little dinosaur themed pieces, including earrings and bracelets are not only utterly adorable but also cut so well, with such clean lines. I'm also loving their wooden Fail brooch and Unicorn necklace. In the items that were on display there were two themes; highly detailed, accurate pieces (like the Brighton Pavilion and a mammoth head) and pop-art inspired pieces, with bright, block colours.
Personal favourite: I think it was a general consensus that the Dodo necklace was a winner!

Art deco meets mysticism meets cats. Loooved this collection so much, a new mature take on a potentially young looking medium. So many pretty flecks of gold and silver set in resin, including a lot of wood and bold, black outlines. If you're not sure about this general style of jewelery I suggest you check out this one to change your mind.
Personal favourite: crescent moon + full moon collar tips - we all know I'm a sucker for anything cosmic related. These would go so well with my Maggie Angus crescent moon and star earrings!

At the end of the night I went home with an awesome goodie bag full of treats as well as a few sneaky purchases which I'll be sharing with you in various outfit posts very soon.
And let me know, is there anything from any of these collections that peeks your interest? Have you seen any other cool, acrylic designs recently?


  1. This event seriously was MADE for you (I'm sure you mentioned Porta before too)! I love the little dinosaur necklaces
    Plus your previous pin up look is beautiful I love your hair
    Ps I'm celebrating my first blog birthday with a giveaway if you would like to enter

    1. Haha, I'm glad you think so too. And thanks :) <3

  2. It all looks so amazing, some great pieces! What a great event

    A little bit Unique



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