Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ Blue Monday.

 Cathedral print jeans - Motel Rocks
Moon t-shirt - ASOS
Black and white creepers - New Look
Bandana - To Be Worn Again
Camera necklace - gift

At the moment most of my outfits will be against this here blue wall, like the last one. I was wondering what you guys think of it. Do you prefer outfit photos when they're outside in different locations, or do you not mind a plain background? Do you prefer a plain background? Let me know your thoughts, it'd be interesting to know.
Right, so, as for the actual outfit, this is pretty much standard casual wear for me. I'm currently wearing this tshirt all the time, I'm always a fan of moon/planetary/starry imagery so this was no a brainer. Apart from that there's not too much to say about it really...
In life news, squash was terribly romantic and my body aches for many days afterwards, I celebrated BFF2's 23rd birthday which ended in what can only be described as a borderline erotic over-eating of pizza, garlic bread and chicken strippers. Needless to say it was a good night.
This is a short post but sometimes there's no need to ramble on for five paragraphs. More coming soon!


  1. I really like those pants ^^ I prefer the outside shots, it complements the outfit! That's what I like about your blog, the shots all look so complete =) x

  2. I've just installed iStripper, and now I can watch the hottest virtual strippers on my desktop.


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