Thursday, 21 February 2013

What Would You Spend £20 On?

The other day I was contacted by telling me that recently they had gifted random people £20 by telling them they had left the money in their pocket at a dry cleaners' (you can find out more here). To continue this idea they offered me (and various other bloggers) £20 and told us we could spend it on anything we wanted as long as it had "a feel good factor". The most imaginative entry wins £200, which is nice. My first thought was "oh, I could buy, like two lipsticks with that!" but then I decided that actually, those guys made people happy by sharing, so I might as well follow their example, even if it's on a much smaller scale. Plus, I have enough makeup and clothing so I might as well spend this money on something worthwhile. I also wanted to try and stretch £20 as much as I could.

How I Spent My £20

£5 ~ Charity
My main thought was £15 is basically £20, but £5 is a lot on it's own. If that makes any sense? In the end I chose AgeUK, age affects nearly all of us who live long enough to see it but often it can be a really difficult time of life. For me the feel good factor in this is the fact that even though it's a tiny amount, I am helping an important cause and who doesn't feel good when they're being a good samaritan?

£6.40 ~ Tea & ice cream with a friend
I decided to take out one of my bffs out for a drink; we had to wait 'til half term since she's a teaching assistant but it was worth it. I chose a new cute coffee shop near where I live. I think Costa gets more than enough business, plus I've been dying to try it out. We caught up and generally felt precious in such adorable surroundings, plus we shared a banana split, and there is nothing as feel-good as that!

£7.99 ~ Book
With the left over money I bought myself a book. At the moment I rarely buy books because they're relatively pricey (in my mind) but there are always a million books I want to read. I chose Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, I've been meaning to read one of his books and this one caught my attention. Instead of going for the obvious Amazon to buy, I went to Waterstone's since I would be genuinely heartbroken if that company went into liquidation - I love browsing books in real life.

That's it! £20 spent in a varied and fun way!
What would you do if someone gave you £20 for free?

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