Monday, 1 April 2013

Shopping Haul ~ Scotland special.

During my week's holiday is Scotland with the boyfriend and his family I ended up breaking my spending ban even further, although I sort of justified it by saying I hadn't paid for travel or food for the whole week so I was still saving money. Oh the lies we tell ourselves.
I am pretty pleased with how cheap everything was - there are no splurges here. The most expensive thing was a book at £5.99!

Scottish Myths & Legends ~ £3.50
I am a sucker for a fairy tale so this was a no brainer. I almost bought a different book earlier in the week but this one was way cheaper...and let's not lie, it looks cheap with a front cover like that.

Gingham maxi dress ~ £4.00
Possibly the bargain of the lot. During a little shopping trip with the boyfriend's sister in law we wandered into this tiny charity shop and she was the one who actually spotted it. It's calf length, button through and fitted around the waist. So '90s and so perfect for summer! Excited to pair these with some chunky platforms and black lipstick.

Symmetry; the ordering principle ~ £5.99
I cannot tell you how much this book excites me, as well as the whole series. There were a few of them in the book shop near us and I wanted them all. Cannot tell you how long I spend just flicking through them. We (the boyfriend's sister in law and I) ended up buying five between us, although three of them were gifts. It will not be long until I have bought at least two or three more from the series. Such perfect little books with totally gorgeous old style drawings inside, oh be still my beating heart.

Guide to the Butterflies of Britain ~ £2.75
Scotland reminded me of my interest in Ecology and nature. I have been planning on buying some vintage book prints from Etsy, and there's always my search for a vintage taxidermy butterfly as well.

Locally made candles ~ £5.75 in total
So many amazing smelling and pretty looking candles to choose from. The shop was just round the corner to where we were staying and I spent so much time just sniffing candles. The lavender one is for my mum even though I want it!

Cork top jar ~ £0.99
I love corked glass, be it bottles or whatever. I usually glass paint things for other people as gifts but this time I'm going to keep this for myself! I might put my new candle in it!

And that is my haul! I will now try not to spend any more money for a while, but I feel like a few slips up are bound to happen, especially with all the Easter sales happening! Also a heads up that there may be a bit of a lack of outfit posts coming up since the boyfriend has a lot of uni work to do and without him there are no photos. Fortunately I have some other stuff planned anyway.


  1. The dress looks lovely, as do those candles!
    I'm intrigued by that Symmetry book,

    Rosie x

    1. Well, I'll probably end up including it in Book Club once I've read it :)
      And the dress will definitely be turning up in an outfit at some point!

  2. Love the dress, charity shop steals are literally one of lifes highlights! I'm also a sucker for locally made things too!

    1. :) hah! It's pretty addictive though - shopping in charity shops.

  3. I love charity shop hauls, the dress looks lovely! :)

    1. :) thanks! Can't wait to put it into an outfit post!

  4. I agree the Symmetry book must be a very interesting one!
    I love the candles as well <3

    1. :) I haven't read it yet but I'm looking forward to it!

  5. The dress looks lovely, can't wait to see it in action! xx


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