Thursday, 4 April 2013

Blue Lipstick Review ~ Part 1: darker shades.

L-R: Stargazer in105, Portland Black Lipstick Company in Indigo Bridge, Sleek Pout Paint in Peek-a-Bloo, Illamasqua in Disciple

Much like my purple lipstick posts, this feature will take up three posts; two reviewing a total of nine (hopefully!) blue lipsticks with swatches and the last will be a comprehensive collection of blue lipsticks. It was a very fruitful search! I found a lot more blue than purple which is kind of surprising. As always the search is for a super pigmented, long lasting but affordable lipstick.
So in this post I've grouped the midnight and navy blues as well as two brighter ones.

An opaque, matte, deep navy.
illamasqua disciple swatch dark blue navy goth lipstick
Price: £16
By far the most expensive of all the lipsticks I am reviewing. I've had Disciple for a while and used it plenty of times. The formula can be a little dry (so application is a little 'draggy') but I find breathing on it to get it warmer helps a lot, but in exchange it lasts well, at least two hours plus, without showing much wear. This swatch doesn't quite do it justice, it's usually not as patchy - my previous one is a better representation.

An opaque metallic navy blue.
portland black lipstick company PBLC lipstick indigo bridge swatch metallic dark blue navy lipstick
Price: £6.89 ($10.00)
First off, this is a gorgeous colour, like a metallic version of Disciple. Second, really great formula, long lasting without being drying as well as mega pigmented with no patchiness  Third, duration is so impressive. 3+ hours, including drinking and eating chocolate. I cannot recommend this enough; both an excellent colour and an excellent product.

A buildable, metallic middle blue. 
stargazer 105 metallic blue lipstick swatch

Price: £3.50 
I was a little disappointed by this one. The colour itself was really lovely which is why it is so annoying that formula isn't better. The consistency was very grippy (a lot worse than Disciple in every way), which meant having to really drag it across my lips to get any colour - this improved once it had warmed up a bit but on my lips it felt waxy. I definitely could not rub my lips together successfully, if I tried the product would just shift. Application was very patchy and it smelt like cheap cosmetics. Like with most Stargazer lipsticks the colour was buildable, this is as opaque as I could get it. I wore this for a couple of hours and find it faded ungracefully within an hour or so as well as migrating onto my teeth.

An opaque, bright blue.  
sleek make up peek-a-bloo peek a bloo lipstick liquid pout paint swatch blue lipstick
Price: £4.99
This is the only high street brand blue lipstick product I could find, it comes in the form of a liquid lipstick, much like OCC's lip tars. It has an interesting smell that is quite sweet, and you only need to apply the tiniest amount to your lips and then spread with a lip brush. I found application using a brush really easy, the formula was light and easy to spread although felt slightly greasy. I wore it for about two hours and found that in that time it started to bleed into the crevices of my skin beyond my lip line, which is never a good look. It had also faded a little even though I had done nothing - I'd barely spoken.

That's it for part 1! In part 2 I will be looking at five more blue lipsticks, including Portland Black Lipstick Company's Difficult Island, Stargazer's 104, My Beauty Addiction's Sapphire and Myulinda's Kool. I will also be deciding and revealing which of the lipsticks reviewed is my favourite. Also, let me know if you prefer the format/photos I used in this post, or if the older style is better.


  1. Indigo Bridge is my favorite lipstick and I've been wanting to try Illamasqua's shade for a while but I feel PBLC covers my needs.
    I can't wait for the next posts of this series. <3

    1. Unless you really want a matte lipstick then stick to Indigo Bridge, the only difference between them is the finish, the colour is really similar.
      :) thanks for comment!

  2. I really love all your posts but I think I do prefer the format of your older reviews as you get to see the lipstick and its container and how they all compare to eachother on your arm etc... But as always a very informative and intelligent post

    1. Thank you! Yours is the kind of input I really appreciate! I did intend to do a comparative arm swatch, I'll have to add that in later.

  3. Eeeeeepppp! I love them all- but I think like the lilac lipstick post the Portland Black Lipstick Co just seals the deal for me.
    Thanks for adding the link to your purple post as I was sitting here thinking I need a lilac lipstick and now I have options :)

    1. Heh heh, and so it should, because it is brilliant!

  4. I just tried an awesome lipstick company from Etsy that has what I think is a pretty good dupe for Disciple! They are called Impulse cosmetics. I have a review of their things on my blog here:

  5. Have you tried ardencys inn, black Is blue?

  6. ahh thank you so much for doing this post! I didn't want to purchase illasmasqua's 'disciple' as I found £18.50 and I've been looking for a dupe everywhere and couldn't find out! Definitely going to check out the other three products you've mentioned :) x

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