Monday, 3 March 2014

Outfit of the Day ~ technicoloured vamp.

Burnt out velvet blouse ~ Vintage
Cut out bodycon dress ~ H&M
Spiked choker ~ Creepyyeha
Crochet tights ~ ASOS
O-ring wedges ~ ASOS
Hair ~ all mine!

I had so much fun shooting this outfit! It was in the venue section of a pub near where I live, but never visited. We added in some props in the background (including the beginnings of my moth collection) but that beaut of a chair and fireplace were just there for the taking. This shoot was done with a new photographer, who's using me for camera practise, you'll be seeing more of his photos (of me) soon.
I am eternally in love with my Creepyyeha collar - it is perfection. The kind of thing I've been drooling over for at least a year and now I have one and it is beauteous and I am pleased. Now I just want everything else she has to offer. I've also had that dress for a while, I've been wanting to share it with you guys for ages - the first super bodycon dress I've bought; it's really tight and quite short but I actually really love it. The basic cage detail around the ribs is great and it's just generally a really flattering shape, I think. Well done H&M, as ever, you continue to impress me. And of course there's my new hair! This was a day after I dyed it, these photos don't show just how vibrant it is, so go here to marvel at dem colourz.
In real life news, tonight I'm auditioning for another play (a really cool adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma), and the other play I'm currently rehearsing opens next week. Lots of theatre things, which is the way I like it! And you know, my completely unrelated degree is going fine too.

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  1. Ohh i love your new hair, beautiful outfit to! ^^

  2. tolles outfit :)
    vor allem die bluse und die strumpfhose!
    liebste grüße,

  3. This looks great, love the hair colour too! :)
    Becky x
    Vintage Clothing UK


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