Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Lust List ~ ASOS, Killstar & Etsy!

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I cannot get over the combination of floral print and stars and general goth perfection that this jumper is. I've been gazing at this baby for a while, but I just can't justify it. I'm trying to be thrifty at the moment - god help me.

And yet another deviation from my standard...maybe? I'm planning on dreading one of my wigs pretty soon and during my search around I found this Etsy shop which does gorgeous looking dreadlocks and falls. Their colour choices are perfect and their prices super reasonable so look out for when I inevitably buy from them and blog about it.
I need a new backpack and this one is so cute. Legit love that print so much! Would much rather have it on a bag than an item of clothing (which is also an option on Killstar). Good size too.

Isn't it amazing how realistic this looks? It's probably a good idea it's resin instead of the real thing, since I feel like I would easily break an actual skull. Ah man, bird skulls are cool.

Bit of a change in direction, I grant you, but Spring is on its way and I am still majorly into pastels. I am on the verge of buying these. They also come in pastel pink and even I was surprised by how much I wanted them...more than the black ones. What's going on? 


I feel like at the moment my style is evolving a bit, it makes shopping really confusing...I'm not really sure what is exactly me, or what direction I want to go in, hence why this wishlist is a little varied. Either way, it hasn't stopped the fact that I want to spend all the monies! I'm so excited to finish uni so I can do some proper experimenting and stuff!
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  1. I have to break this to you since I own Agent X, but it isn't a green.... it is a teal and it really does lean more to the blue side, same with Lobotomy. I bought it thinking the same thing and was sorely disappointed. I still love it as a blackened teal shade, but it is so far from green. On the plus side, the formula on those lipsticks is insanely great (Except for Boggart, which is not that opaque)! I own almost all of their blue and green shades now, and most of their greens aren't actually that green sadly. :( I'm still on the hunt for the perfect green lipstick sadly. awesome list though!

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