Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Outfit of the Day ~ All Black Everything.

Key-hole top ~ Necessary Evil via Kate's Clothing
Skinny jeans ~ Dorothy Perkins
Platform trainers ~ Cute To The Core
Rolled brim pork pie hat ~ Primark
Purple lipstick ~ Kontrol by Illamasqua

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Today's is a simple outfit I wore to see a filming of Coriolanus (the one with Tom Hiddleston in it) with some of my babes. I received the top the day before having bought it from the Kate's Clothing reverse auction sale for like £11 (it's down to £8.60 now - dammit!), which is awesome. It's ridiculously comfy and I love how long the sleeves are. I feel kind of guilty that one of the very rare outfits I proffer up to you guys is all black, but hopefully there's enough going on for it not to be boring to you. I am also crazy about these flatforms - they may look a little curious in some of the photos (I think I look like a flamingo at points) but I kind of love being so much taller sometimes, and one of my friends accidental told me I look like a model, I'm not letting her forget that. I'm contemplating customising them a bit - maybe be-jewelling the soles, since there's such a massive expanse of black to play with. People keep on mistaking my fake facial piercings for real ones which pretty much makes my day every time and as much as I would love real piercings there's something endlessly satisfying about being able to change their position and colour and number so easily.
Other than that, I am resentful at the British winter for not giving me any snow but also glad the uni is ever so slightly less hectic now. I've been doing a massive clear out of my room which may sound mundane but is genuinely so therapeutic - it feels like shedding an old skin. I'll be selling a bunch of stuff on ebay eventually.

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  1. Awesome top- I've never heard of a reverse auction before. I thought the where real too and I was very jealous with how cool you look. All black outfits are the best, there's a lot going on to stop it looking dull and your friend is right you do look like a model :)


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