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Custom Create Your Own Wig ~ Sweet Soul Shop.

I like wigs. A lot. They're such a great alternative to dying hair and as someone who is constantly indecisive about length and colour, they're perfect. I've got around 8 at the moment and my collection is ever growing, so I'm always on the look out for something cool, that reflects my tastes, as opposed the the very 'cosplay' wigs you can get. I've had dyed Cruella style hair before and I love the split look, but the usually colour combinations on offer with split wigs really don't appeal to me, or if they do the big lolita style pig tails and curls really put me off - it works for some people but not for me. However, I found that Sweet Soul Shop has a super unique service that I personally have not seen anywhere else; they offer a flexible "Create Your Own Wig" service where you can choose length, style and which two tone wig you would like, with a pretty big range of colours.
gothic lolita wigs alternative cheaper affordable custom customisable customizable sweet soul shop cute kawaii mori girl japan japanese wigs make create your own
gothic lolita wigs alternative cheaper affordable custom customisable customizable sweet soul shop cute kawaii mori girl japan japanese wigs make create your own
And in Step 3, you can even chose the style of the fringe (or 'bangs') as either sweeping or full. I personally prefer a full fringe but I'm pretty afraid of cutting them myself so I think this is a really great addition. I also really like the length option - these sorts of wigs are usually way too long for me, but I hate having to cut them; often it ruins the feathered out finish the wig comes with and also I feel like I'm wasting my money, so the fact the different lengths have different prices is great. The prices themselves are so reasonable too, in terms of pounds, short is between £21.02 to £24.02, medium is £30.04 and long is £36.05. These prices are on a par to Gothic Lolita Wigs and the extra customisable options means I think they are way better value for money.

creepy cute fashion wig hair split half and half cruella deville style two tone blunt fringe sweeping fringe pink red dyed lilac lavender pastel pink baby floral crown spiked purple lime green head scarf creepy cute psychedelic rockabilly pastel goth magenta make your own wig custom customise gothic lolita wigs alternative sweet soul shop party cult

creepy cute ~ pastel goth ~ psychedelic rockabilly
candy red & magenta // floss pink & lilac // lime & purple

I kind of have an obsession with colour combinations so I doodled a few different styles of wig I would absolutely love to have and how I'd style them; pastel goth anyone? This is probably all just fuel to the inevitable purchasing of one of these babies. If you are tempted to buy one then the people of Sweet Soul Shop were gorgeous enough to give me a discount code to offer you. Just enter "GoodMorningAngel" and you can get 10% off any orders over $50 (that's around £30.07) - meaning a long wig would only cost you £32.45. That's pretty damn good. They also sell loads of adorable lolita and cult party fashion.
Let me know which combination of options you would go for!

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  1. when i click on "wigs" on the website, there are only a few wigs and all "coming soon" :(

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