Saturday, 29 June 2013

Wishlist ~ ASOS sale!

The ASOS sale has begun, and it is as always massive. I spent far too many hours browsing and there are now far too many things I want. So here's just a selection from my very large 'Saved Items' section on my ASOS account. Whilst I'm at it, I going to mention Fashion Perks as a good place to go for discount codes for places like ASOS, New Look and Boohoo - it's kind of nice having a site where all of those sorts of offers are in one place, especially since I don't get newsletters from all of them (no one needs constant tempation like that).
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Top Row:
ASOS floral spiked headband ~ £5.00 (£10.00)

Bottom Row:
ASOS long sleeve crop top ~ £7 (was £10)
ASOS striped skinny jeans ~ £24.50 (was £35)

Unfortunately both the Monster crop top and the long sleeve crop top have sold out but I'm still keeping an eye on them in case some one returns something (I know, sad). I know the striped jeans trend is basically dead but I still love how they look, so I may treat myself. I've also been looking for a floral spiked headband for ages but I guess at the moment I'd only be able to wear it with wigs, since I don't think that kind of style works with short hair like mine is now. 
Have you spotted anything amazing in the ASOS sale? Let me know!

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  1. I love all of the items you have picked here! I can't pull off wearing a crop top, but they are really cute, especially the 'monster' one, I love that cute Models Own glitter shade, very pretty.

    Lyndsay xx

    1. The whole of the Models Own Wonderland collection looks super pretty!

  2. That monster crop is awesome. why must it be sold out?
    I think you coukd Rick the headband look with short hair. When I had a pixie cut I wouldn't wash my hair for like a week and would put it into a messy quiff and put a headband on it. I miss my short hair :(

    1. I haven't had the guts to wear up in a quiff yet, but I would like to try it some time!

  3. They are all really nice. I really really want that monster top!
    Jessica xx


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