Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Style Inspiration ~ Bloggers, part 1.

Well hey there! Look! I'm still alive! There has been a clear lack of posting, I know. This is due to a combination of reasons that include exams, rehearsing three plays simultaneously and the boyfriend having to organise two end of year exhibitions for his uni degree, which means obviously no beautiful photos. I do however have Photoshop back on my laptop which means I can do some stuff and since I have a little bit of time I thought I would share with you some of my favourite fashion (and in later editions make up) bloggers. These will come in a few parts since I have a lot of bloggers I love. The main idea is that even though I follow a lot of fashion bloggers I don't always take inspiration from them - I like their looks but I wouldn't want to apply them to myself. However, these beautiful ladies who I am about to feature give me serious wardrobe envy and/or having a style I wish I could pull off.
You'll notice that styles I like vary widely but hopefully you might discover a new blogger you'll love as well! Don't forget to follow me so that you catch the next of this series when it comes out!

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Not only is this lady only 17, with the most gorgeous willowy figure but she dresses perfectly. Always floaty chiffon and elegant shapes. I love how she can hop with ease between the pastels and the more gothic looks and I wish I could rock thigh highs and bustiers as well as she can.

One of my go to bloggers for cute, Japanese inspired outfits. This girl technically counts as make up plus wig inspiration as well. Her creepy cute styling is impeccable and there are few things that I like more than her star shaped eyebrows. I wish I could style a wig like she can.

Amy is basically glamour meets grunge. Another young'un who always rocks the Jeff Campbells like they're no big deal. She also causes me to have a major case of hair envy with her long dusty heather locks. Plus can we also just discuss the ridiculous, super model legs she's got going on?

I like Sara's style for the same reason I like Mink Pink clothing - they both embody this sort of bohemian, slightly grunge look that I am crazy for! She looks so effortlessly cool in anything and has certainly turned me around on the subject of clog shoes.

Eccentric, whimsical, vintage, ethereal - just a few words to describe these two's amazing style. I wish I had the guts to dedicate myself to this sort of look and be able to pull it off as well as they do. I also love their combination of genuine vintage items with high streets brands, who knew Primark could look so classy?

Special mentions also go to: A Go Go for her gorgeousness and beautiful photos and Kayla for a super thrifty but super unique style.

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