Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Outfit of the day ~ Pixie secretary.

Chiffon blouse, vest top, skirt ~ Primark
Cat eye necklace ~ Katze Shop

Did not realise how Primark heavy this outfit is, but I love both the blouse and the skirt (which I wear pretty much constantly). The cat eye necklace I got from the Plastic Fantastic event at Porta and I really like it - wouldn't have picked it out myself but I wear it loads now I have it and I think it adds a nice edge to an otherwise potentially overly sweet outfit. I'm still getting used to my new hair - not sure if it suits me but I'm getting a load of compliments about it which is really nice.
As always, sorry I haven't posted in ages, I am genuinely feeling awful about not posting as often as I would like - turns out finishing two plays and this year of university did not mean life slowed down as much as I had hoped. I'm still rehearsing for another show, about to start rehearsing for yet another that I auditioned for last week (which I'm super excited about) called Vita and Virginia, practising for a few music gigs coming up and a bunch of other small things that add up to a pretty damn busy schedule. I've had no time for make up which makes me a bit sad but hopefully that will change soon - I haven't even tried my new Illamasqua lipsticks yet, which is pretty criminal. However, busy isn't all bad, I've done a tonne of fun stuff, including doing a bit of extra work in a film, playing an Elizabethian whore and the shows have been amazing as well. Plus, there's a lot of stuff to look forward to as well, like going to a book festival that the boyfriend's sister-in-law organises every year.

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  1. :O you look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!
    On my I love everything- the shoes skirt and the necklace- it's so funky :)
    I dint think I've said it yet but your hair looks fantastic. It really suits you


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