Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ teen witch.

 Sun dress ~ H&M
Burn out velvet skirt ~ vintage
Victorian style booties ~ nicked from my mum
Bowler hat ~ market in Brighton
Star/moon earrings ~ Maggie Angus via Porta (shop in Brighton)
 Cresent moon necklace ~ Avon
Cross bracelet ~ ASOS
Ruck sack ~ Primark
Purple lipstick ~ Rimmel Kate Collection in 04

Ah! This outfit feels so goth grunge 90s and I love it! I got the burn out velvet shirt for £8 at a vintage fair which is great since I'd been lusting for something in that material for a while and the daisy print dress is just so cute!
I've been on holiday for a week with the boyfriend and I've been planning this outfit for ages but the weather has left a lot to be desired but luckily the day I decided I needed to do it the rain stayed away for just long enough! We visisted this abandoned village which is now part of the army's practise shooting range, which is a bit scary because on the way there are loads of signs warning us not venture beyond certain points.
As you can see (hopefully) I redyed my hair with some more La Riche Directions in Turquoise. I actually love it because it has even more different shades in it now, like I can see turquoise, green and blue, it's really lovely - makes me feel like Michiru Kaioh (she was Sailor Neptune from the old Sailor Moon anime - p.s. they're doing a reboot next year and I'm a little bit excited, I feel like a tween again!) and the other day my friends compared me to Lady Gaga's mermaid alter ego Yuyi during her turquoise hair phase - I guess something like this which was nice of them. Speaking of old TV shows this titled made me started watching a few episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Youtube - good memories!
Also, this is the first time I've worn eye dots out of the confines of my home (this lady inspired me) and I really love them! New standard makeup? I think so.

Anyway, I think that's it. I hope you're all doing well - anybody dyed their hair recently?


  1. Wow that velvet shirt is so beautiful! If it was a man I would have children with it!
    The eye dots look stunning on you! I'm glad I inspired you as they are just wow!
    I've recently been watching a LOT of the fresh prince of belair lately (like 5 episodes a day) and you've just reminded me of Sabrina now I want to watch it too!

    1. Haha! The shirt told me if it was a man it would have your children.
      I'm glad you like the eye dots!

  2. I love the pictures you post! But it would be a very good idea not to photoshop them as much. You see, the blue exposition and brightness makes it hard to stare at for more than 2 seconds each picture. Also due to that your skin looks greenish/blueish which is a shame. More pictures in natural light or just less touch ups with photoshop would benefit these pictures. also because we wish to see your hair in natural light, like that we can't tell if what we see is the real colour or not.

    I just thought I would leave you my input here, one or two photoshopped pics are ok, but I've seen you do this more and more lately and after a while...

    Anyway, you rock! Do whatever you please since it's your blog! And also, you are really pretty :3

    1. Thanks for your input! I'll definately take it into account!

    2. Thank god you didn't get mad! I would have felt really sad about it ;_; I'm anonymous but I have your blog on favourites, it's always a pleasure to see your posts <3

    3. :) awh bless you. Of course I wouldn't get mad. I'm glad you enjoy my blog enough to want to help me improve it. Thank you <3

  3. Wow that shirt is AMAZING!!! It's definitely one of a kind piece. I love your star and moon earrings and you hair on this photos.
    Also, it is so lovely to find fellow Sailor Moon and Sabrina watchers in the blog galaxy ♥

    1. Yay for lovers of Sailor Moon and Sabrina :)
      Thanks for the comment!

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