Saturday, 14 July 2012

Review & Swatches ~ Portland Black Lipstick Co. lipsticks (part 2)

Now that I've swatched the latest additions to the Portland Black Lipstick collection (which you can find here) I'm going to swatch some of the shades from their usual collection. I wanted to try some of the the more conventional colours so those of you who aren't into your purples or greens. I also thought it'd be useful to compare some of the more similar shades to understand better the subtle differences in the colours. Of course there'll also be a few more unusual colours because they're awesome!
If you want to read my overall review of the lipsticks and where to buy them go here.

The first three shades were applied straight from the tube and the rest were applied with a lip brush (as they were samples instead of full size products).

Bad Penny

 A metallic pumpkin orange.
This colour is really stunning and vibrant in real life.

This Corrosion

An opaque brick red/orange colour. It is such a bold colour! Even for me, I'd have to wear this on a brave day. It applied so smoothly and the consistency was really creamy - it was lovely!


A metallic pinky red.
Such a beautiful, rich colour, with jus the right amount of metallic sheen. 

Blood Red

A dull (not boring!) red colour
Quite similar to 'This Corrosion' but darker and with less of an orange undertone. A classy colour.

Undead Red

 A dark, moody red with brown undertones and a hint of blue.
I actually really like this - it was a lot darker than I was expecting but it's really moody without being too gothic.

Bug's Blood

A pink red, which when applied felt more like a stain that an opaque colour (which is how it's described on the website) and hence my shocking application.


An opaque, matte, pastel green.
Looks to be a potential dupe to Lime Crime's Mint To Be and Sweetpea and Fay's Scuba gear. Like some of the other matte colours the actual sample isn't that well blended but it's fine once it's one lips.

The Purple Cloud

A light pastel purple/lilac. 
I really love this shade, it's so pretty. Looks like a potential dupe to Lime Crime's D'Lilac. I thought it was close to Chinchilla but they're not similar enough to be dupes of each other. I love the description from the website as well: "Named after the classic M.P. Shiel novel, this color is perfect for the end of the world and other special occasions". 

And the comparative swatch, L-R: Undead Red, Blood Red, This Corrosion, Irony, Bad Penny, Bug's Blood, The Purple Cloud, Chlorosis

So, I also wanted to let you know what my absolute favourites out of all of the ones I've swatched in this post, this post and this one. I have four obvious favourites; Indigo Bridge (a beautiful dark metallic blue), The Purple Cloud (the lovely matte lilac above), Undead Red (a dark reddish plum) and Chaiborg (a metallic medium milk brown).

What are your favourite Portland Black Lipstick Co. shades?


  1. Great swatches! I also love The Purple Cloud!

  2. amazing images! i'd be so scared to wear purple cloud and chloris out though!

    chlo @chlowitty blogs

    1. Yeah, I think I'd be a bit afraid to wear Chlorosis out, especially.
      I think on a brave day I could wear The Purple Cloud.

  3. ah I am in looooooove with irony and undead red! I'm a sucker for a red lippie so I might have to pop onto etsy when I next get paid!xoxo

    1. :) I'd love to see how they look on you if/when you get them!
      I love Undead Red as well.

  4. Thank you for posting these swatches! I really wanted to try out this company but I was a little wary of picking colors without seeing them swatched. Chlorosis and The Purple Cloud are fabulous.

    1. You're welcome! The Purple Cloud is one of my favourites too :)

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