Friday, 14 December 2012

Puple Lipstick ~ Part 2: Plum & Dark

In part one I was looking at pastel and lilac coloured lipsticks and this time I'm looking at the darker, vampy shades, which I feel are more appropriate and wearable for this time of year.

A dark purple
Price: £7.49
This was the most expensive of the darker lipsticks and second most expensive out of all the the swatched ones. The application was a bit patchy and not as opaque as I like my lipsticks. Duration was a bit disappointing as well, it lasted about 3 hours but during that time the fade was pretty bad (and it didn't fade nicely either). It started to dry my lips a bit as well, and then clung to the dry skin. I'd say this is the most wearable of the darker shades, it definitely less extreme than the rest but in terms of quality it isn't great.

A slightly metallic middle purple
Price: £3.50
I found the pigmentation a bit disappointing, I tried layering it up but still couldn't get very opaque colour, in reality the colour can get a little darker than this swatch if you layer it up a bit more (for an alternative swatch look here). On the plus side application wasn't patchy which is pretty common with sheerer shades (e.g. Va Va Violet). After about 3 hours the fade really started to be obvious, however, it fades fairly evenly which means it isn't obvious or ugly. That is a pretty good duration time, and there is no feathering, which is always a bonus and for that price I can forgive it for some of it's downfalls.

An opaque dark purple
Price: £5.49
This has been a favourite lipstick of mine for a while (you can see me wearing here and here), although excuse the messy application. The pigmentation is really good and the formula is nice and creamy, a lot better than Va Va Violet even though they're similar colours and it smells so nice as well. Duration is really good, definitely one of the longer lasting shades and when it does fade it is a lot less obvious that the other lipsticks mentioned.
An opaque metallic red purple
 Price: £5.68 ($9.00)
Again, like Chinchilla in the last post, I think this colour is pretty unique. I also applied this one pretty hurriedly, so excuse that. I like how dark it is, and also the hints of red in it, which is more obvious in the product photo. The formula is great and so is duration and wear. I think one of the great things about this lipstick is that after the initial blot there is very little transfer, and no feathering.

A sheer, dark purple
Price: £2.29 ($4.50) 
The formula definitely needs a lot of a work, which is a shame because I really liked the colour. This swatch is after a few layers and in terms of pigmentation is was pretty disappointing, I did try to apply it more thickly but that did not work out. It also felt quite greasy on my lips, but not drying, which is a plus. Duration was about 2/3 hours, but the fade (like Va Va Violet) wasn't very pretty. However, it is insanely cheap, and hopefully with a slight change in formula this could be a really great product.

(L-R) Gothica (when applied thickly), Artificial Amethyst, Va Va Violet, Kate 04, 133
And here's just a swatch with the light and darker colours all together:
(L-R) Gothica, Artificial Amethyst, Kate 04, Va Va Violet, 133, Chinchilla, Glitter Violet, The Purple Cloud, Unicorn

So that's it for the swatches! In the next post I have compiled a list (including any swatches I could find) of as many purple lipsticks as possible - there is definitely a shade for everyone! It took so long to put together but there are some really gorgeous shades.
And finally, what is your favourite darker purple lipstick?

Disclaimer: products marked with * were given to me as PR samples, but this does not affect my opinion.  


  1. LOVE the portland black lipstick company one and def need to try out the kate moss lippies now!

  2. Hello again! Thought I'd come back to see what you reviewed for your dark purple lippies. I'm really keen to try out the PBLC - they have a wonderful green IIRC. And I've been toying with buying that Kate Moss lipstick for a while- might just have to!

    (and while I am in NO WAY affiliated with Nyx apart from buying shitloads of their stuff, they have free delivery on at the moment - usually £4.50 - and Iced Lavender is on sale for £2. I can also recommend Medusa as a darker purple lipstick too!)

    1. Oh! I am so tempted by Nyx and you are absolutely tempting me further!

  3. Fantastic review! Both the rimmel and pblc look fantastic and sous like the best- the thing in hate the most about lipsticks is when they fade horribly.
    I use tribalist by MAC and its beautiful but transfers everywhere!
    You totally rock the dark purple look :)


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