Thursday, 20 December 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ winter warmer.

Hood ~ JeSuis Hoods
Cardigan ~ New Look
Moon vest top ~ Camden
Floral maxi skirt ~ New Look
Boots ~ New Look
Coat ~ Cotton Club

Finally! I have finally done an outfit! It's been ages, but pretty much every time I go out, this is what I wear, it's too cold for anything else and because I am lacking in a blank wall I don't have an indoor option for outfits at the moment. Unfortunately I've had a cold these past few days and today was the first day I've been out, so no makeup, red nose and my hair is a massive mess. Apologies for that. I really love that skirt, but it's really hard to walk in, so the other day I cut a slit into it (on the train as well, classy lady, I know) but I haven't hemmed it, so now it's just fraying a whole lot.
I am slowly but surely get back on top of the blog, I'm wanting to make sure that I do a few more fashion related things since recently things have been a bit makeup heavy. My friends Bekki and Charley and I are starting a little makeup tag together as well, which is super exciting because having friends who started blogs (partially) due to you is awesome, and it's even more awesome just to have friends who blog. However, for Christmas I am going to see family in France, hopefully I will schedule some posts and not get behind again. I'm also really excited to share with you some stuff I (and friends) bought from Lime Crime and also a Sugarpill palette that the wonderful Bekki got me. So much exciting makeup. 
So, that's about it really. I'm pretty bad at recapping life after a big gap in proper blogging. Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season! I know I am (genuinely love it)!

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  1. Sugarpill pallette that **Charley** got you.
    I may be nice, but not that nice. xD

    On another note, you look lovely as per usual. =] xxx


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