Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Wishlist ~ Birthday wants!

With my birthday being next month (14th August), I thought another wishlist post was entirely warranted! Right?? Especially because after that date I won't be able to identify with Taylor Swift's "22" anymore, and that really deserves some kind of consolation prize. There are of course a few 'sensible' things I want, like a tripod, or some professional lighting for video auditions (turns out precariously balancing your camera on a pile of boxes and books isn't as easy as it looks), but this is more of a frivolous wishlist! Let me know what's currently on yours!

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1. Collectif ~ Nieve Pillbox Hat, £22.50
With my retro wardrobe slowly expanding, what I like lack at the moment is appropriate head wear, and this is just perfect! This smaller, sweet version is nice too.

2. Clear Vision By Apatico ~ Holographic Harness Belt, £49.65
Even though I have been in love with the holographic trend as long as it has existed, I don't really own anything holographic. I think this would definitely be a great start...Or this bad boy. Not holographic, but awesome anyway.

3. Glitters For Dinner ~ Sailor Moon Inspired Set, $85
Because duh. (although I still want this baby).

4. Kat Von D ~ Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, $20
Like, just any of them. Ugh. Or anything from this brand actually...just gimme Kat Von D! Her palettes look amazing as well. And her normal lipsticks...want all!

5. Dita Von Teese ~ Madame X bra, £40
This is the under-wired version, which I prefer to the non-wired one. Ugh, so so pretty. Not passionate about the underwear but the set does look really beautiful. Dat bra though.

6. Garbage of the Galaxy ~ 'Not Of This Earth' Banner, £11.83
Recently I've been properly decorating my room to just the way I like it. This would be a perfect addition! I have just the empty wall space for it...

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