Thursday, 12 June 2014

Wishlist ~ summer lovin'!

Due to having just paid for a holiday to Spain in August and the fact my future is probably generally going to be pretty expensive, I'm on a spending ban this month, so obviously I thought I would gather all the things I wish I could buy and make it even more difficult for me not to spend money. Because apparently I like retail torture. Let me know what you're lusting at the moment! We can suffer together!

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1. River Island ~ High waisted shorts, £30
I'm in need of a good pair of shorts, these guys look like they're nicely fitted without being horrendously too short, which is pretty much all I can find in most highstreet stores! I don't want to bearing all my butt thank you!

2. Geisha Wigs ~ Wood Witch, £22
Can we please just stop for a moment and talk about this wig! So gorgeous and unique - I've never seen a split in these colours before and I love it! Soon I'll be dying my hair back to a normal colour so I will need all the beautiful wigs to get me through it!

3. Teale Coco ~ Widows Peak mesh top, £53 ($89)
As worn by Creepyyeha, she is a constant source of inspiration! It may seem like a bit of an extreme top, but when styled right, it is so cute! I'm into everything mesh at the moment, but I have yet to find a good, afforable top to get...this one is not within my price range sadly.

4. Ribbon ~ Vinyl skater skirt, £20
Apparently I still can't get enough of PVC as a material, even though I own two plastic skirts already (this aaammmaaazzziinngg black wiggle skirt). I like the shape and how it holds well due to the material, but I actually already have a baby pink PVC skirt, but in a different shape.

5. Imyourpresent ~ glittery Witch necklace, £10
Drippy horror font, check. Black, check. Glitter, check. Witchyness, check. Perfect necklace! Literally such a combination of so many things I love! You know I love a good word necklace (see my gorgeous 'Ghost' necklace), and I want so bad to add this to it!

6. Boohoo ~ Buckled sandals, £22
Or alternatively these ones. Holiday sandals much? It's difficult for me to find sandals that I like, I'm curiously particular about what I think looks good, but these babies look perfect!

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